RBS unveils new oven with energy saving benefits

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), a manufacturer of snack production systems, unveiled the Thomas L Green Emithermic XE Oven, an improved replacement for traditional direct gas fired (DGF) ovens. The new oven is designed to reduce energy usage and emissions, and simplifies cleaning and maintenance while improving cracker baking performance.

“Commercial cracker bakers are under pressure to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions and increase operational efficiency. To do so, bakers are looking to replace DGF ovens for newer, more user-friendly technology,” said Cameron Johnston, Director of Engineering, Reading Bakery Systems. “RBS ovens and dryers will be operating for the next 24-40 years. Therefore, it is crucial that our oven systems help bakers achieve their sustainability goals, while optimizing the cracker platform for product quality and production throughput.”

DGF cracker ovens can be costly, difficult to maintain and often deliver an uneven bake to the product. These issues, Reading Bakery Systems say, come from the large number of ribbon burners down the entire length of the oven that need to be maintained ad adjusted to deliver consistent heat to the product.

RBS designed the Emithermic XE Oven zone to bake via electric radiant heat elements, high radiant Thermatec panels and convective heat, eliminating the need for ribbon burners. Consequently, the oven delivers a more balanced heat to the product and imparts the high radiant heat required to develop the key flavour and texture of the crackers. Greater flexibility and control are also built into this oven with a humidity-controlled product zone.

The design offers simplified operation and maintenance for bakers as electric burner component are easily replaced, eliminating costly downtime necessary to clean, tune and replace gas burners.

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