RONDO presents automated bread line at iba

RONDO is launching its latest automated line for bread production and the Croissomat 4.0, a croissant machine designed for artisanal bakeries at the upcoming iba trade fair.

The new Smart Bread Line has been designed to meet a production capacity of up to 1000kg of dough processed per hour and to increase the range of bread products that customers can produce with a single line.

The major advantage of the new Smart Bread Line is its modularity. Different line configurations allow for the production of a wide range of bread products – including cut, stamped, moulded, rounded and gluten-free. The modularity is combined with stress-free dough handling technology, enabling operators to process even high-hydration and pre-fermented doughs with control over the dough structure.

Completing the line is RONDObot, the round moulding system designed by RONDO. This system can process highly hydrated dough with long resting times. It is suitable for producing round breads and rolls at various weights, shapes and sizes.

Another solutions the company is exhibiting at iba is its Croissomat 4.0, to produce croissants and other pastries and presents the ideal solution for bakeries that want to automate their croissant production.

The Croissomat 4.0 is the perfect addition to the RONDO croissant portfolio. It presents numerous new features that ensure greater process reliability, efficiency and pastry quality.

This includes individually adjustable servo motors; an integrated calibrator for uniform, slack dough bands; visible curling cassette for optimum quality control; customisable triangle sizes for mini to maxi-size croissants; a multilingual user interface, and more.

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