Shick Esteve implements robust ingredient automation

Shick Esteve implements robust ingredient automation

Shick Esteve has utilised its 60 years of food industry expertise to engineer full-system automation solutions for every budget and every need — large or small.

Reliable, repeatable process management. Unmatched service and exceptional value that create enduring relationships. Welcome to Shick Esteve. The global provider focused solely on food.

From food manufacturing to process management, they are dedicated to helping industry leaders around the world exceed standards for productivity and safety. They provide innovative solutions for data integration, process control and ingredient storage for their partners in food-related industries.

In the bakery sector, from biscuit and crackers to pizza and tortillas, the industries the company serves have one thing in common: food. 

Bread and rolls

The company has had process solutions for the bread and roll market since the business started in 1956. Shick Esteve helps bakers automate processes that would otherwise be manual to improve production efficiency, provide quality control through increased ingredient accuracy, reduce labour costs and help provide a safer workplace environment.

Shick Esteve’s solutions for the bread and roll market include pressure and/or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems for bulk ingredient handling, minor ingredient systems and hand add stations. They also provide bulk liquid storages, slurry systems, liquid fermentation and CIP skids. In addition, they integrate process controls into their system design with Clarity by Shick Esteve which provides data clarity in a contextual format. The result is real-time decision-making for maximised production.

Biscuit and cracker

When customers need solutions for their bulk handling needs, whether it involves dry or liquid handling, Shick Esteve says they can provide them. For the biscuit and cracker market, they have solutions for both dry and liquid ingredients, typically with pressure or vacuum conveying systems. Their solutions include bulk storage, ingredient storage and delivery, ingredient bins, liquid ingredient storage and delivery and minor ingredient systems. All with automated dosing to the mixing system.


For the tortilla market, they have solutions for both dry and liquid ingredients, either in bulk and/or minor capacities. Their solutions cover bulk ingredient storage and delivery, liquid ingredient storage tanks and delivery, minor ingredient systems and liquid tote systems for delivery of liquid ingredients in smaller capacities to mixing. They also provide dust collection systems and integrate process controls in their system designs. Their Automated Ingredient Management (AIM) software provides traceability for all raw ingredients and includes features such as creating recipes, managing ingredients, setting production schedules and generating reports on ingredient usage/inventory.

New developments in the business

Shick Esteve has announced the opening of the Linxis North American Technology Centre combining the equipment process capabilities and expertise of LINXIS Group company partners—DIOSNA, Unifiller and VMI. In this new space, customers can experience first-hand how ingredient automation, dough technology and process management from the Linxis Group can exceed expectations.

The technology centre is utilised for the testing and demonstration of the latest in industry-leading ingredient automation, mixing and pre-dough technologies, as well as leading-edge process control and IIoT technology. 

Technology Centre Features:

  • Dry and liquid ingredient automation
  • Dry powder blending
  • Pre dough and fermentation technology
  • Grain soaking and delivery systems
  • Continuous mixing technologies
  • Vertical batch mixing
  • Latest in integrated data and process control

Jason Stricker, Director of Sales and Marketing at Kansas City, says: “The Linxis North American Technology Centre was designed and built to show our current and prospective customers how the latest in ingredient automation, dough technology and process controls can benefit their business. Customers can test specific aspects of automated ingredient systems, mixing and dough technology, all the way to a complete proof of concept from ingredient delivery through mixing and baking.” 

The expansion of their existing 3,500 sq. ft. test lab into a temperature-controlled joint testing, training, and education centre boasts many equipment and process updates. The nearly 15,000 sq. ft. facility also functions as Shick Esteve’s North American Research and Development Centre. Shick Esteve will also be hosting ingredient automation and maintenance seminars.

The impact of COVID-19

In the midst of the pandemic, Shick Esteve was quick to implement a new strategy aimed at keeping everyone, (employees, customers, suppliers, partners), safe and well and ensuring business continued as well as it possibly could during difficult times.

Shick Esteve has instituted the following policies:

  • They have suspended all non-essential domestic air travel.
  • ALL International travel has been suspended.
  • No outside visitors will be allowed access to either of their Kansas City facilities unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to business operations.
  • They have encouraged office staff to work remotely.
    • All employees have access to technology that will allow them to function efficiently so that there is no disruption to normal business.
    • They have identified personnel deemed critical for onsite operations and have asked them to work from the office at this time.
  • Office staff onsite have been educated on social distancing and the critical role that proper hygiene and periodic cleaning of work areas plays in reducing the risk of spread both while at work and at home.
  • Limiting the number of in person attendees to meetings and encouraging the use of video conferences in lieu of in person meetings.
  • Continually providing the latest updates from CDC to their employees.

At this time, Shick Esteve says there has been no disruption to their business or their ability to support their customers. All business functions including manufacturing are operating normally. They are continually monitoring their supply chain and discussing contingency plans should the need arise. During this time their Global Customer Service team stands ready to support customers. 

Shick Esteve is the complete process automation solution source.  From conception to creation, ingredient to final product, their process involves full-system solutions that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. Their reliable, high-value solutions ensure years of successful operations. Designed, manufactured and installed by Shick Esteve.

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