Sourdough solutions from Daxner

Quality has deep-rooted traditions in the Daxner company – as has the knowledge of what is important with regard to pre- and sourdough. Accordingly, the Daxner pre- and sourdough equipment, which is trimmed to the customer’s individual needs and products, forms reliably operating systems with an extensive range of accessories.

Daxner machines can be tailored to integrate into existing production, offer considered solutions for high or low dough yield, and guarantee easily reproducible product quality and hygienic production.

A pre- and sourdough delivery programme for every requirement includes flour and bruised grains, barley and wheat, cooled or non-cooled, mobile and stationary, flexible and rigid guides, one- or multi-level, manual or automatic filling and discharge via volumetric dosing or weighing.

The new generation

The new pre-dough and sourdough tank generation is designed with a 90° discharge outlet angle. Using pillow-plates allows for a more precise temperature regulation via heat exchange through the entire surface. The agitators has been revised and field-tested. The new design is even more resistant due parts mortised and subsequently welded.

This new generation is equipped with a connection for optional installation of a pH sensor for advanced dough quality control. Furthermore all openings are designed conically to comply with hygienic standards.

Optionally the manholes can be supplied with a funnel-shaped frame, thus to achieve smooth and seamless transitions. A more flexible tank height design is possible by using different pump supports and standard-diameter.

Daxner is recognised as a leader when it comes to solids handling technology. The company engage in process-engineering solutions for plants handling powders and bulk goods inclusive liquids. For more than 30 years they have been supporting their partners in the food & beverage-, animal feed- and chemical industry.

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