SternEnzym will highlight enzymes at ProSweets

German-based company SternEnzym will be exhibiting at ProSweets in Cologne from 28-31 January and will be presenting enzyme applications. These enable manufacturers of marzipan, pralines, wafers, biscuits and crackers to reduce their production costs while maintaining consistently high levels of quality.

SternEnzym specialises in functional enzyme systems and covers a wide range of applications in the food industry, including baked goods, long-life baked goods and confections, sugar and dairy products. At ProSweets this year the company will focus on improving marzipan, pralines, wafers, biscuits and crackers.

For marzipan applications an enzyme is offered that converts saccharose into glucose and fructose. This conversion helps to reduce crystallisation and reduces evaporation of water in the product. For confectionery products like pralines with soft or liquid cores, enzymes are used to delay liquefaction of the filling. This also works for extending shelf life, preventing drying out and reducing crystallisation.

For wafer production, the enzymes the company offers help to meet challenges like batter viscosity and batter nozzle clogging. The enzymes also contribute to reducing energy consumption and baking times. For biscuits and crackers, enzymes are offered that improve shape stability, browning and texture, helping to reduce breakage.

The company also offers its solution for a major health concern in the food industry; during the thermal treatment of carbohydrate-rich foods, acrylamide is often formed, and has become somewhat of an undesirable ingredient. To minimise this risk, SternEnzym offers enzymes that can reduce acrylamide formation by up to 90% depending on the application.

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