Sveba Dahlen launches its largest bread line

Sveba Dahlen recently announced the launch of its largest and most efficient bread line so far; the Glimek BL600, developed to accommodate volumes in an industrial bakery.

The bread line is designed to be powerful and is made of sturdy and hygienic materials, such as stainless steel and blue clean line mats, said the company.

It can also handle dough blanks ranging from 100-1500 grams and can run up to 6000 pieces per hour, depending on the type and weight of the dough. According to the company, the BL600 can enable a bakery to achieve even and continuous baking, ensuring that the results are the same.

The Glimek Bread line BL600 consists of several independent dough handling machines that, when put together, make up a whole line. This increases safety on the line, as emergency stops can be reached from one location and used to stop the entire production flow. This includes a dough divider, conical rounder, an IPP intermediate pocket prover and either one or two moulders depending on the rate of production.

“With a bread line of this type, we can fulfil the demands of customers who have a high volume of products to be baked off every day and for whom production costs is front of mind,” explained Niklas Alricsson, Sales Manager at Sveba Dahlen. “With a bread line, you can slash your manpower needs while increasing your bakery’s efficiency and uniformity.”

The Glimek Bread Line BL600 will be demonstrated at the iba trade fair in Munich, Germany, from 22-26 October 2023, where visitors to the company stand will be able to witness how the line works in person.

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