The unveiling of Tecnopool’s Tp Food Group

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Tecnopool rely on research, customisation and securing the customer’s loyalty to inspire and guide the company towards guaranteed success. Guided by a dynamic and active entrepreneurial vision, the company have learned to interpret the demands of a constantly changing market, always putting development and technological evolution in first place and investing over 10% of turnover in research and development – evolving tomorrow’s solutions today.

Tecnopool will be exhibiting at IBIE the Tp Food Group – a new leader in food processing equipment lines, that join several companies each one with specific sector experience. Flexibility, technical innovation, efficiency and a clear mission: listen to the customer with the goal of offering customised solutions.

Tp Food Group, a new global leader in food processing equipment lines and bakery products, debuts with this objective, made possible by the conglomeration of multiple companies with a strong international vocation, each one with specific sector experience, capable of designing and manufacturing systems and lines for the various stages of preparation of bakery foods and products, both industrial and artisanal.

Tecnopool S.p.A., Gostol-Gopan d.o.o., Logiudice Forni S.r.l., Mimac Italia S.r.l., CSC Sartori S.r.l., Mecateck Group S.r.l. and Tecnofryer S.L.U. form the core of this new reality, which counts an overall turnover exceeding 100 million euros, 8 production facilities in four countries and over 500 employees, with further expansions and new hires planned in the coming months.

The above companies are different realities brought together by the awareness that the best innovations only emerge by uniting skills and intuitions, and that in an increasingly global market the most ambitious challenges can only be overcome by working together.

The cornerstones are the same that have defined the growth of each company in recent decades: flexibility, reliability and efficiency, innovation, and customer care, which result in the design and manufacture of complete food processing lines that are perfectly suited to requirements; customised, like a high quality tailored product.

The group’s name has been carefully chosen, with the acronym Tp standing for ‘Total processing’, a summary that expresses a promise, a set of values intrinsic to the company. It is an acronym on which a strong, distinctive sign has been built, symbolic of the identity of the group that has decided to present itself to the global market at IBIE 2019 in Las Vegas.

At the event, Tp Food Group will showcase a complete line for doughnuts from dough to frying, a perfect integration of the customised systems created by Tecnopool S.p.A., Logiudice Forni S.r.l., CSC Sartori S.r.l. and Tecnofryer S.L.U., and specifically designed for the North and South American market.

“Tp Food Group projects each company into a new dimension,” says Michela Lago, managing director of the group, in which Xenon Private Equity VI has a shareholding. “From this point forward,” adds Lago, “we can offer our customers an even wider range of technologies to meet any production requirement. This conglomeration makes us all stronger, and in the context of great international expansion for our sector, we expect excellent results in terms of growth.”

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