TikTok ’s biggest baking trends of 2021


New data from Bad Brownie, has revealed the most popular baking trends on TikTok ahead of the return of The Great British Bake Off starting on the 21st September.

UK brownie company, Bad Brownie, analysed social data to discover the UK’s biggest online baking trends. Combining TikTok views and Google search volumes, the study reveals the top 15 baking recipes that were engaged with the most in 2021.

#1 Cloud Bread is the highest trending TikTok recipe

Cloud bread has come out on top and is the highest trending TikTok recipe! This aesthetic bake has taken the video sharing app by storm. On TikTok the cloud bread hashtag has received a massive 3.2 billion views and over 18,100 Google searches, which confirms you need to get on the cloud bread trend if you haven’t already.

Cloud bread is a high-protein bread alternative and is essentially a soft baked meringue, made with egg whites, sugar and cornstarch to get that fluffy and soft texture. If you also want your cloud bread to look amazing and colourful you just need to add food colouring.

#2 Ice Cream Cake with 1.1 billion TikTok views

Ice cream cake was the second highest trending TikTok recipe with over 1.1 billion views and 27,100 Google searches. Ice cream cake is super easy to make and the flavour possibilities are endless, so you can tailor it to your taste buds.

To make ice cream cake all you need is any flavour of ice cream or cake mix you like and frost with frosting or any topping and that’s all the ingredients you need to make this amazing dessert! You can customise what flavour you like and sandwich it together to make a beautiful ice cream cake. Finish off with sprinkles for the best presentation.

#3 Baked oats has gained over 8 million TikTok views

There is no surprise that baked oats were the third highest trend, as it is a super quick and easy breakfast bowl! For this recipe all you need to do is blend all ingredients together.

On TikTok baked oats has over 833 million views and a Google search volume of 40,500. Recipes go viral on TikTok for a good reason, from fast and ready in minutes to fruity and sweet!

As well as the top three trending recipes on TikTok, there were 12 other recipes showing increasing popularity including Mug Cakes, banana bread and three ingredient cookies, with 6th, 9th and 14th, respectively.


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