Upgraded oven with sanitary design

MECATHERM have upgraded its FDAN Oven with the launch of the new M-DAN oven, to address needs to maintain high sanitary standards when baking with delicate products. The new oven is designed to be easier-to-clean to meet demanding operational, hygiene and food safety needs of the industry.

When baking with salty products, dairy desserts, vegetables or pastry products containing liquid filling, there is the risk of splashes or food residues which can clog the oven, leading to potential food contamination or fire hazards. Meat products or recipes containing egg or milk filling pose additional health risks that require strict and specific cleaning operations.

“In addition to meeting hygiene requirements, the M-DAN Oven guarantees optimal baking of a wide range of products while offering precision, flexibility, and industrial efficiency,” explained Xavier GOTTI, Oven Product Manager at MECATHERM.

In response to this, MECATHERM has upgraded its M-DAN oven with a new design to facilitate easy cleaning operations with lots of water both inside and outside of the oven. Its design features doors and ergonomic side access hatches on both sides and along its entire length, which means frequent cleaning operations can be done easily.

“The M-DAN Oven perfectly balances industrial performance with energy efficiency. Its design is intended to minimise energy consumption and, as a result, reduce CO2 emissions. Additionally, the oven is available with various thermal generator solutions that utilise either fuel or electricity, depending on the specific needs of our clients,” Xavier added.

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