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This events section will oversee and assess the Sirha EUROPAIN 2022 event that be hosted in Paris, investigating the safety measures and industry players attending.

This month is set to end with a bang as the highly anticipated Sirha EUROPAIN 2022 show starts on the 22nd to the 25th January in Port De Versailles, Paris, from 9am to 6pm. Previously called Europain the now Sirha Europain adopts a new visual image, in line with the Sirha Lyon spirit and image, but also with the major international contests that are the Sirha Bocuse d’Or and Sirha Coupe du monde de la Pâtisserie. This means that the event will also take on a strong environmental and ecosystem focus too. This is an exhibition event for all bakery and pastry entrepreneurs. The show celebrates French style bakery pastry where suppliers of raw materials, designers of precision machinery, artisans and entrepreneurs unite to exchange ideas and innovations in the bakery sector. Bakery networks, millers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, installers, supermarkets, specialised stores, retail chains, restaurants, sandwich shops, quick service, mass catering, confectionery, pastry shops, chocolate makers, delicatessen, fine foods, importers, international purchasers, and many more will also be there.  

The following areas will be represented at the event by top professionals:  

  • Sourdough bread 
  • Sandwich bread  
  • Recycling bread 
  • French bakery shops  
  • Changes in the bakery sector  
  • Free from gluten, not from taste – and more.  

The event is extremely popular with more that 38,000 professionally attendees visiting in 2020 with 24% of those individuals being international. The majority of attendees were artisans’ bakers, making up 42% of the total attendees, and 9% represented the equipment or product/milling manufacturing industry. On top of this, in 2020, 452 exhibitors and brands were recorded at the event with 18% of these individuals being international, it is hoped that many more will be attending in the event. Sadly, like many other events, the pandemic impacted EUROPAIN’s ability to run in 2021, meaning that the 2022 event will be the first event run in over a year!  

In order for the event to run as smoothly and as safely as possible, therefore, to protect all the attendees, necessary COVID-19 measures have been put in place. The event’s organisers recent experience of the Sirha Lyon last September allows them to set up a health protocol with proved highly effective while allowing all of its stakeholders, exhibitors, and visitors to fully experience these days of professional meetings. France itself has a good level of vaccinations and regulations meaning that it is safer to attend this event compared to many others. The rules are that individuals must wear masks in halls and at stand, regular washing of the hands and use of hydroalcoholic hand gel, and social distancing measures put in place. It is also recommended that exhibitors are tasting food that the tasting must be individulised with disposable utensils and to avoid buffets. Gathering areas are only around the front of cooking demonstrations or talks must be organised while respecting barrier gestures. Cleaning is also monitored by the organisers, but the exhibitors must ensure that the cleaning of their stands are done and that all the materials and equipment are disinfected. It is recommended that throughout the day contact points on the stand are disinfected to reduce a possible spread of infection. If anyone shows up to the event showing symptoms the showrunners have created a designated room to isolate those individuals before entry.  

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