What’s shaping the bagel: Bagel Innovation Day

In a display of expertise and innovation, Puratos, ABI and MECATHERM all joined forces on 29 June to host Bagel Innovation Day – a one-day event offering a deep dive into the world of industrial bagel production.

Professionals gathered to witness firsthand latest insights, solutions and cutting-edge equipment that are shaping the production of bagels. Puratos, with its expertise in ingredient production and consumer trends, guided participants through the ever-changing bagel market.

The focus was on flavours, textures and dietary considerations that align with the preferences and demands of bagel consumers worldwide.

Scaling up bagel production presents unique challenges, and Bagel Innovation Day tackled these operational intricacies head on. ABI, involved in bagel manufacturing, bakery automation and robotics, presented make-up and pre-baking solutions that enhance efficiency and maintain high quality standards when producing at an industrial scale.

In addition, MECATHERM presented complementary equipment enabling bakers to implement best-in-class complete line solutions including advanced proofing, retarding and baking equipment. Attendees were able to learn about the versatility of solutions out there to match their processes and requirements with regards to performance and product quality.

At the heart of the day was the live demonstrations held by ABI, showcasing state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for industrial bagel production. Attendees witnessed cutting-edge technologies and techniques shaping the industry. These demonstrations offered a hands-on experience allowing participants to observe firsthand how precision and efficiency can elevate bagel manufacturing to new levels.

Bagel Innovation Day brought together industry leaders, professionals and experts in the area of industrial bagel production. It served as a platform for sharing knowledge, investigating market insights and discovering innovative solutions to overcome operational challenges.

This collaboration between Puratos, ABI and MECATHERM emphasised a commitment to driving progress in the industry, MECATHERM said, and ensuring the delivery of high quality bagels to customers.

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