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Don Boer offers solutions that enhance efficiency and product quality while reducing environmental impact 

Discover the Excellence of Den Boer Industrial Tunnel Ovens 

Den Boer, a prominent name under AMF Bakery Systems, has been a leader in providing state-of-the-art industrial tunnel ovens and proofers for over a century. Renowned for their modular design and advanced technology, Den Boer’s solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of bakeries worldwide, ensuring consistent, high-quality baking results. 

Innovation in Baking Technology 

Den Boer’s tunnel ovens are designed with a variety of thermal principles and heating options, allowing bakeries to choose the best fit for their production needs. Whether it’s the zero-emission Multibake® VITA Hydrogen Tunnel Oven, which champions sustainability, or the Multibake® I Tunnel Oven, which uses high-speed hot air for perfect crusts, Den Boer offers solutions that enhance efficiency and product quality while reducing environmental impact. 

Comprehensive System Solutions 

Den Boer’s modular tunnel ovens are pre-assembled and customizable, ensuring seamless integration into existing production lines. This modularity not only supports future growth but also simplifies installation and maintenance. With turn-key concepts, Den Boer provides complete system solutions, including oven loading and unloading, step proofers, and handling systems. This holistic approach ensures optimal proofing and baking, meeting the diverse demands of various baked goods from artisan breads and rolls to pizzas and pastries. 

Sustainable and Smart Solutions 

Den Boer is at the forefront of sustainable baking technology. Their zero-emission hydrogen ovens not only contribute to reduced environmental impact but also help bakeries avoid higher taxes associated with emissions. Furthermore, Den Boer integrates Smart digital services into their ovens, allowing for real-time monitoring and data-driven decision-making, thus optimising baking processes and minimising waste. 

Customisation and Flexibility 

One of the standout features of Den Boer ovens is their customisation options. Bakeries can choose from various oven types including: 

  • Multibake® VITA (Hydrogen) 
  • Multibake® D (Direct) 
  • Multibake® H (Hybrid) 
  • Multibake® I (Impingement) 
  • Multibake® R (Radiation) 
  • Multibake® E (Electric) 
  • Multibake® IR (Infrared) 
  • Multibake® HT (High Temp) 

This flexibility ensures that every bakery can find the perfect oven configuration to meet their specific production requirements, whether they are focused on energy efficiency, product consistency, or innovative baking techniques. 

Global Reach and Expertise 

Den Boer’s extensive experience and commitment to quality have earned them a global reputation as a trusted partner for bakery automation solutions. Their specialised teams bring together over 100 years of baking knowledge, ensuring each system is engineered to perfection and delivered ready for immediate use. This expertise, combined with their innovative products, positions Den Boer as a leader in the industrial baking industry. 

Join the Future of Baking 

As the baking industry continues to evolve, Den Boer remains at the cutting edge, driving innovation and sustainability. Their dedication to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility makes them the ideal partner for bakeries looking to modernise and expand their operations.  

To learn more about Den Boer’s advanced baking solutions and how they can help your bakery achieve new heights, visit [AMF Bakery Systems] (https://amfbakery.com/equipment/den-boer/).

Discover the future of baking with Den Boer and transform your production process today. 

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