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Europastry boasts 36 years of experience and now shares its products and expertise to more than 80 countries around the world 

Europastry is a leader in the frozen bakery dough sector. For over 30 years, we have been offering the best bakery products, using the tradition of master artisans as our guide and innovation to develop the best products as it strategy. Today, Europastry offers products and expertise in the bakery world in more than 80 countries worldwide through our 27 plants and 30 sales offices. 

Since its beginning and with over 36 years of experience, the company has invested over 1 billion euros in production technology. This investment has allowed the company to build one of the best and most extensive product portfolios available today. Europastry’s brands and product families define their bakery character, each catering to different customer needs but all focused on delivering superior quality. 


Europastry stands out for its multi-local approach, combining global growth with a commitment to local communities.  

It doesn’t matter whether you have breakfast in Barcelona or in New York, whether you have a lunch date in London or San Francisco, or whether you eat in Paris or Amsterdam, Europastry accompanies thousands of people throughout the day, for an energising breakfast, a healthy lunch, an after-school snack or a dinner with friends. An extensive catalogue for those who prefer sweet to savoury, for those who love traditional desserts or those who long to innovate with creative o classic breads. There is always a Europastry product to make our day tastier. Around the world, millions of people are delighted from morning still night with our bread rolls, cakes, pizzas or empanadas. And that’s why companies, businesses and professionals trust our brands to turn any time of day, anywhere in the world, into a delicious moment. 


Currently, Europastry has six Cereal (R&D Centres) strategically located with multidisciplinary teams (including bakers, nutritionists, food technologists, and chefs) dedicated to blending tradition with new paths in baking. These R&D centres enable Europastry to swiftly respond to market demands and trends with more advanced products. Over the past year, the company has launched over 450 new products and developed more than 1,500 R&D projects. 


Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Europastry, leads the transformation of the bakery sector.  In this regard, Europastry works with 100% sustainable wheat, ensuring good practices with local farmers including certified seeds, reduced fertilizer use, crop rotation, and traceability from field to table. The company sustainability efforts have resulted in: 

  • 50% reduced carbon footprint 
  • 7.7% reduction in gas consumption 
  • 14% reduction in water consumption 
  • 91% of electricity sourced from renewable sources in production plants


  • MEXIPAN – stand 93 
  • ABASTUR – stand 2535 
  • FINE FOODS-  stand HK6- 18 
  • FFCC- stand TBC 
  • SIAL- HALL5 stand 039 
  • FOOD & SERVICE- stand C107, C119 


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