Zeelandia UK presents trifle recipes

The continued popularity of the trifle as a dessert to UK consumers with summer iterations coming to the fore inspired Zeelandia UK to task its bakers with creating a selection inspired by the year’s seasons.

The origins of the trifle date back to 18th century England, where pieces of scrap stale cake were soaked in alcohol and then stacked with fruit, custard and sometimes jelly in three layers in a round bowl.

Fast forward to today, trifles continue to be popular, as a 2020 YouGov poll reported that 41% of respondents see ‘trifles’ as the UK’s all-time favourite Christmas dessert.

Despite festive popularity, in today’s commercial baking market, the trifle is seen as much more than a Christmas dessert, with the rise of the ‘summer trifle’ incorporating higher fruit content and additions of cream.

Alongside this, trifles are no longer just a party piece, and are now found in a variation of different sizes, with an increase in the use of smaller and decadent trifles packaging for individual consumption.

However, the secret to this traditional dessert that makes the trifle a timeless classic goes far beyond the ingredients itself, as Courtenay Jones, Test Baker at Zeelandia UK explained: “What I love about this staple dessert is that it is perfect for getting rid of leftovers and, therefore, an ideal solution for bakers looking to reduce food waste at a time of rising costs.

 “From utilising chocolate and vanilla sponges to brownie bites, bakers can flex their creativity by transforming day-old stale cakes into profitable products.”

We tasked Courtenay to transform some sponge cakes used for a product demonstration, to create a selection of trifles using our ingredients inspired by the year’s seasons.

The recipes are as follows:

  • Spring – Lemon and Blueberry Trifle
    Made with Zeelandia Biscamix Complete Sponge, Blueberry filling, Rosette Cream and Roma Cold Patisserie Custard flavoured with lemon extract.
  • Summer – Jelly and Cream Trifle
    Made with Zeelandia Biscamix Complete Sponge, Strawberry Topper Jelly, Rosette Cream and Roma Cold Patisserie Custard.
  • Autumn  – Caramel Spiced Apple Trifle
    Made with Zeelandia Biscamix Complete Sponge (flavoured with speculoos spice), Apple (Flemmings Apple Filling mixed with Homestyle Caramel & speculoos spice), Roma Cold Patisserie Custard (Mixed with Homestyle caramel), Rosette Cream and Homestyle Caramel.
  • Winter  – Black Forest Trifle
    Made with Zeelandia Biscamix Chocolate Complete, Black Cherry Filling, Custard (Presta Choco) Rosette Cream and a Black Cherry Topping.

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