AMF Tromp innovative bakery lines

In this exclusive Product Spotlight, AMF Tromp discuss their sheeting and breadlines and how paramount they are in reducing human labour intervention 

Many food and bakery product producers around the world use sheeting technology to create their fabulous products. A mixed dough, in large batches, will gently be reduced to a sheet of certain thickness, using stress free sheeting technology by AMF Tromp. 

AMF Tromp was one of the globally renowned bakery system companies from The Netherlands, first in the business to develop these lines and dough reducing stations into a complete system where dough sheets are the base for bread, pastry, pizza, flatbread and many more products. 

When laminating dough, some extra steps are added to the process, because the dough sheet will include a layer of fat, butter or margarine, for the French, Dutch and Scottish way of laminating. The traditional French method and the Dutch method can both be done on Tromp lines, where the Fat pump plays a critical role, to place a constant layer of fat or butter on top of the sheet and fold it in many layers for a traditional croissant or pastry for instance. U-shape or L-shape laminating systems are built into a sheeting line, to create a complete system for both pastry and puff pastry, or Danish pastry production.  

How has sheeting and laminating technology improved in the past five years? 

We see many developments in this technology we initiated over the last five years. Hygienic design and cleaning without tools are key benefits for users of AMF Tromp sheeting and laminating lines. Labour becomes a scarcity in the coming decade, because of automation of processes in sheeting lines fewer operators are needed for running them successfully. 

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