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Day: 27 June 2022


The rush towards alternative sugars

Understanding the production process of sugars in the bakery sector and the alternative options available to health-conscious consumers  In the world of bakery, the flavours that each baked item evokes on the tastebuds varies significantly. Some baked products such as pies are savoury and almost represent the flavours of a mini meal. Other products are …

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Who’s Who – Synergy Flavours

British-based company, Synergy Flavours, explains their high-quality flavour and tasting solutions that leads to delicious and uniquely flavoured baked goods  Synergy Flavours is a global supplier of flavours, extracts and essences for the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. Our flavour creation and application capabilities span the globe with commercial, technical, and manufacturing support facilities in …

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Who’s Who – Meurens Natural

Meurens Natural, the producer of organic and natural cereal and fruit syrups and powders, discusses their various production processes and their growing focus on sustainability  Meurens Natural values sustainable innovation as a core value. Meurens Natural has been a pioneer in the organic sector and has been focused on producing clean label organic and natural …

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Who’s Who – Hebenstreit

Hear from Hebenstreit, the provider of distinguished wafers and extruded snacks production lines  Hebenstreit is specialised in the development, design and assembly of state-of-the-art production lines for wafers and extruded snacks.   Our strong working partnerships with customers put us in the position to ensure continuous improvements thanks to our combined expertise and learnings. As a …

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Who’s Who – Cama Group

International packaging company, Cama, reveals the company’s impact within the bakery packaging sector    Cama Group, with its unique range of packaging machines and robots, is a fast-growing supplier of advanced technology end-of-line packaging systems, continuously investing in innovative solutions. Thanks to its specialised know-how in the bakery and confectionery market, combined with its unique …

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