AMF’s sustainable solutions at IBA

AMF Bakery Systems will be showcasing its latest sustainable baking solutions at the upcoming IBA trade fair, which is taking place in Munich, Germany, from 22-26 October 2023.

The technologies AMF will be showcasing will enable bakeries to reduce the carbon footprint of their operations while achieving the highest-quality results.

The use of ovens accounts for a significant proportion of the carbon emissions produced by industrial bakeries. AMF’s solutions address this problem by reducing or eliminating the use of natural gas as a fuel in the baking process

Visitors to IBA 2023 will be able to discover AMF’s full range of innovations to help bakers reduce their reliance on fossil fuels which includes hydrogen technology, electric and hybrid ovens, and AMF’s next-generation Sustainable Oven Service.

According to the company, AMF Den Boer’s Multibake® VITA tunnel oven is the industry’s first fully hydrogen-powered oven, featuring AMF’s patented hydrogen burners. The oven does not cause any direct carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with the only by-product of baking being water.

Additionally, the system is available in several configurations, including grids for sheet pans, mesh belts, and stone plates for pizzas, flatbreads and a wide variety of other products. In addition, all existing Den Boer hybrid ovens are hydrogen-ready and can easily be converted to use the fuel. The oven is currently available for testing at AMF’s Innovation Centre in Gorinchem, the Netherlands.

Switching from gas to electric ovens is another way to help reduce the carbon footprint of bakery operations, which has become increasingly important as the cost of fuel pushes up bakers’ costs, and they seek to address environment impact.

AMF said that the transition also enables superior process control, higher energy efficiency and more consistent results. Bread, buns, cakes, pastries, biscuits and many other products can be baked in this way, and steam units can be added where necessary to optimise the baking environment. AMF’s modular oven system allows the creation of multiple heating chambers, where the temperature can be set individually, to optimise product baking curves.

AMF solutions also allow hybrid combinations of different heating methods, which can be an effective way to reduce carbon emissions and meet sustainability goals. Examples include gas and hydrogen, or electricity and gas. Many existing AMF systems can be retrofitted to run on these more environmentally optimised energy sources, including older AMF Den Boer ovens which has been achieved in bakeries around the world. Compatible ovens can be fitted with electric heating elements, new control systems and smart temperature sensors.

AMF’s connected ovens and intelligent digital services can also enable a more holistic and data-driven approach to improving the sustainability of bakery operations. The AMF Sustainable Oven Service (SOS) combines artificial intelligence, advanced sensors and the AMF Bakery Intelligence cloud to provide accurate, real-time process optimisation recommendations.

All oven functions are continuously monitored, with data related to parameters such as temperature, airflow, occupancy and energy consumption tracked and logged for analysis. Implementing SOS recommendations can result in gas and energy usage savings of up to 20%. This helps bakers reduce carbon emissions while maintaining the highest product quality and efficiency. The SOS will be demonstrated live at the trade fair.

“By investing in clean energy technologies, and prioritising energy-efficient equipment and practices, we can help our customers reduce their usage of non-renewable electricity and pave the way for a more sustainable industry,” said Remco Bijkerk, Executive Product Manager Den Boer at AMF Bakery Systems.

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