Ammeraal Beltech introduces Duratemp

Ammeraal Beltech announced the introduction of Duratemp, its new heat-resistant synthetic belt designed for the bakery industry and aimed at addressing challenges around heat resistance.

In the bakery industry, conveyor belts not only need to be efficient and meet hygienic standards – which are common requirements for conveyors across all industries – but they also need to withstand constant heart and operate without delaminating. When temperatures are elevated during production, traditional belts falter due to degradation, maintenance issues and safety concerns.

Acknowledging these challenges, Ammeraal Beltech has released its Duratemp belt, which was spawned out of a need to address these issues. The conveyor belt is designed to perform well at constant temperatures of 115°C and withstanding heat spikes up to 130°C. Using a heat-resistant compound, it has been constructed to resist the browning effect better than other thermoplastic belts on the market.

Although an important feature about the conveyor belt is its ability to withstand high temperatures, the company explained in a press release that this didn’t mean it had forgotten about food safety. Duratemp meets standards for EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011, and FDA requirements. Its non-stick surface reduces the risk of contamination. The belt is also compatible with metal detector systems, providing additional support in protection against foreign object pollution.

Drawing on decades of experience, the Duratemp has been developed to address the specific needs of the bakery industry. Whether used for the production of traditional bakery product such as bread or cookies or other items such as pizzas and tortillas, Duratemp’s purpose-designed features ensure optimal performance and durability. The longitudinal flexibility also enables a belt to run over a fixed knife edge.

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