Ask the Expert: CEPI

Riccardo Satta, Sales, CEPI, discusses CEPI’s bulk handling solutions and how it is meeting varying manufacturer needs as well as sustainability concerns.

How are you meeting the varying needs of different bakery manufacturers with your bulk handling solutions? 

CEPI is an Italian producer of bulk material handling systems, operating globally since 1985. We have developed installations for all types of bread: from hard dough bread to soft dough bread, yeast bread, sourdough bread, leavened bread, white bread, rye or wheat bread, corn bread, soy bread and flatbreads such as piadina and pitas. We provide a variety of technological solutions for a multitude of different processes and materials, as well as the food expertise needed in finding the best ways handle them.  

Depending on their needs, each manufacturer will have their pick of storing and dosing solutions. Flour can be stored indoors or outdoors, in Trevira fabric or stainless steel silos suitable for big, medium and small production volumes. Our solutions are hygienic, safe, and suitable for any flour and materials such as quinoa, teff, amaranth, powdered milk and fibres.  

CEPI’s working method is based around the idea of providing a turn-key solution, that is, to provide a solution that covers the process from storing to dosing and makes the user completely independent, which includes the automation, the data regarding all operations as well as any technologies they might need such as the cooling of flour or sourdough fermentation. Being truly customer-oriented means adapting to the needs of those who will use our technologies rather than the opposite.  

Are there any challenges with storing bulk raw materials? How do you meet these challenges? 

One of our goals is the preservation of food properties and flavour. Flour will benefit greatly from the inclusion of technologies such as fluidisation and flour cooling, to ensure natural maturation and stability of temperature.     

Correct and linear management of the dough temperature is essential in bread-making. Seasonal changes cause considerable variations to the temperatures of work areas and raw materials, impacting leavening times and creating unevenness in the finished product…

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