Authentic indulgence: plant-based and good


FiE 2021, Hall 3, Booth 30H 245: GoodMills Innovation will showcase high-quality solutions for plant-based meat and fish alternatives, as well as premium bakery products.

Hamburg, 02 November 2021 – Visitors to this year’s FiE in Frankfurt can discover completely new possibilities for purely plant-based product concepts during a visit to the GoodMills Innovation Food Truck: With VITATEX® texturates made from wheat, soy and peas, fish and meat products can be nearly authentically replicated. The company will also be presenting Slow Milling® ingredients for original indulgence and traditional clean label bakery products of artisan quality, its SMART® high protein flours and – for that extra helping of health – GOOD Fibres 10+1, dietary fibres for bakery products that promote intestinal health and strengthen the immune system.

Perfecting plant-based tuna

It’s undeniable that more and more people are reducing their meat and fish consumption, with many switching to a 100 per cent vegan diet. In order to be able to offer good and sustainable alternatives that are sensorily and nutritionally convincing, a high level of technological expertise is required. With the VITATEX® range of texturates made from wheat, soy and peas, GoodMills Innovation presents a solution for high-quality, plant-based alternatives: From juicy tuna substitute and vegan fish fingers, to crispy baked fish or one of the countless popular meat applications – all consumer products can be almost authentically imitated. Sensory-wise, VITATEX® products provide a realistic, fibrous texture and, nutritionally, they are convincing due to their high protein content. Furthermore, their good water-binding capacity means the new texturates can also be used to create tailor-made texture and consistency. The ingredient is a perfect  texture and structure-giving component in convenience and hybrid products. In addition, products made with VITATEX® are optimally suited to the frozen food sector.

Moving forward by turning back the clock

When it comes to baked goods, consumers are increasingly turning to artisan baking for high-quality and authentic indulgence. This is where GoodMills Innovation’s Slow Milling® range comes into its own: a modular system of clean label ingredients such as baking enzymes, malted ingredients, meal, sprouts, seeds or flakes. Bakers can combine these components individually depending on the recipe. The result is premium baked goods that score with traditional appearance and authentic taste. Under the SMART® product range, GoodMills Innovation showcases clean label, high-protein flours that improve dough properties. Thanks to the high protein content, wheat or spelt doughs become very elastic, allowing for the production of baked goods with impressive volume. At FiE, visitors can learn more about various applications.

Digestive Wellness: baked goods with added value by using dietary fibre

GoodMills Innovation also presents a plant-based solution for baked goods with added health value: “GOOD Fibres 10+1” is the name of the nutrient concentrate with ten different dietary fibres from cereals, vegetables and fruit, plus a superfood from wheat germ concentrate, all of which help preserve the diversity of intestinal bacteria. By promoting the microbiome in the intestine, it strengthens the immune system. When using the right dosage of GOOD Fibres 10+1 baked goods may claim corresponding health claims. Specially developed for production on industrial scale, GOOD Fibres 10+1 offer ideal technological and sensory properties. Visitors to FiE can therefore look forward to exciting product concepts at the GoodMills Innovation food truck.

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