Big Interview: Mickaël LE JOSSEC

International Bakery catches up exclusively with Mickaël LE JOSSEC, CEO for Bridor Europe, to find out more about the evolution of the French patisserie business.

Could you please introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Mickaël LE JOSSEC and I am the CEO for Bridor Europe. I oversee the European division of Bridor and lead on strategic decisions for the business and ensure we are implementing the company’s vision through everything we do. I work with various departments to ensure I’m always on the front foot with what’s happening in all the European teams. Whether it’s product development, business structure, branding or financial and operational leadership, my day-to-day is varied and it’s exciting to see the business thrive.

This year you celebrated your 10-year anniversary of pastry. What major developments have you seen in French patisserie during that time? 

French patisserie is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and many of the long-standing products, such as macarons are now cemented in western culture as staple foods. There have, of course, been changes over the last 10 years to ensure that French pastries remain an on-trend product that our customers rely on, and our 10 years of pastry anniversary is a celebration of how far the sector has come. Macarons and petit fours have all stood the test of time, but we have seen much innovation with these products: including new flavours, varying formats and a change to more sustainable ingredients. Perhaps most noticeably, there has been a shift towards measured indulgence, with consumers keen to enjoy the delights of Viennese pastry, without impacting their health goals that have taken a forefront in recent years.

You also collaborated with Maison Lenôtre. How important are these partnerships to you? 

We have a long-standing relationship with Maison Lenôtre and have been working with the French patisserie house to create exceptional quality products built on the shared values of high standards, excellence and creativity. Maison Lenôtre shares our mission to create outstanding French patisseries, which is why we work so well together. Our collaborations are designed to provide the hospitality sector with the opportunity to tap into the major trend for conscious indulgence, with single-serve patisseries that surprise and delight diners.  

The macaron and Petit Fours from the collection made with Lenôtre are two successful products. When it came to the macarons, we prioritised top-quality ingredients and each is filled with either buttercream from Charentes Poitou PDO butter, fruit compote or whipped ganache. Looking at the Petit Fours, each is made with select raw materials including full cream with 35% fat, fruit compote purees, fruit juices and dark chocolate. They are available in three different trays and each pays tribute to the extensive know-how of French patisserie..

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