Breaking Bread – Marta Cortés

What do you most like about working in the bakery industry? 

I am not a baker but I love bread and I think that the bakery industry is very traditional and very relevant to everyone – everyone eats baked products on a regular basis! Baking also holds great value in families as often parents can teach their kids how to bake.  

What job did you want when you were a child? 

I was always interested in the sciences. I wanted to become a nutritionist or something else related to food.  

Who do you most admire and why? 

Definitely my parents. They always make a huge effort to encourage and help me with everything and I value their ongoing love and support.  

What was your favourite holiday and why? 

Probably Tarragona. I go there quite often and I really love the beaches. I recommend that you visit if you are in Catalonia.  

If you had to live somewhere else for a year, where would it be? 

Perhaps Japan because I think it is very culturally different. I love nature and also Japanese food so it would be fantastic to spend a year there, exploring the different beautiful sites and eating authentic sushi.  

Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

Savoury – Bread with olive oil and tomato, avocado and cheese – it’s delicious!  

What is your specialty dish when cooking for friends/family? 

I am not a brilliant cook but I can make nice salads with lots of different fresh ingredients. And of course, as a Spaniard, I can make a tortilla de patatas 

Can you share with us one of your proudest moments/achievements? 

Becoming a mother, for sure. I have two amazing daughters and I wouldn’t change a thing about them. Additionally, I ran a half-marathon which I am really proud of. Next, I need to train for the full marathon…Wish me luck!  

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