Bridor brings the importance of fibre into the spotlight

After four years in development, the leading French bakery manufacturer, Bridor, has revealed the results of its hard work with its scientific partners to create l’Amibiote – a recipe with sourdough composed of seven vegetal fibres.

In 2016, Bridor’s R&D team started working on an enriched fibre loaf, a development undertaken in partnership with Joël Doré, a microbiota expert at the National Institute of Agronomic and Environment Research. 

Studies have shown that fibre is an incredibly important part of our diet. One of the problems with fibre is getting enough of it from your diet and the types of food you’re eating on a daily basis. That is why l’Amibiote is so special. Bridor has created an enriched-fibre bread range that can be eaten at any time of the day, for many different occasions, making it even easier to get that diversified fibre intake into your diet. The unique recipe is composed of seven vegetal fibres rigorously selected for their beneficial effects on health by Joël Doré, research director at INRAE. At the same time, its nutritional qualities contribute to lower cholesterol levels, thanks to the positive action of beta-glucans.

To support the launch of l’Amibiote, Bridor established a clinical study in October 2019 with the Centre for Research in Human Nutrition (Rhône-Alpes), to assess the benefits of the new enriched-fibre bread. The scientific study produced convincing results into the effectiveness of the bread’s consumption. Further details about the study’s methodology are available here:

Erwan Inizan, UK Sales Director at Bridor, commented: “The development of l’Amibiote over the past four years represents Bridor’s ongoing commitment to producing ‘better for you’ bakery products.  Having a fibre-rich dietary staple available in an accessible, everyday format that appeals to consumers of all ages, is very important to us and is something we’re very excited to see flourish.”

Available in a classic baguette format in two variants: Amibiote and Amibiote with cereals and seeds. The baguette can easily be introduced into diets to substitute daily bakery products. It is also available in loaf format and can be adapted to other formats on demand.

Bridor was established in France in 1988, the home of bakery and bread, and boasts a long-standing heritage and expertise. Known for its ongoing innovation, Bridor draws inspiration from the latest global trends to deliver new and exciting products that appeal to an international audience.


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