Bridor partners with Pierre Hermé to launch a new range of pastries

French bakery manufacturer, Bridor, has partnered with world renowned pastry chef Pierre Hermé to launch a new collection of innovative Viennese pastries that take inspiration from traditional and artisanal baking methods.

The new collection features five new exceptional pastries, including a Mini Croissant and Pain au Chocolat using chocolate from Madagascar, an Almond and Pistachio stuffed Croissant, Almond and Lemon Croissant and Apple and Ceylon Cinnamon Triangle.


The Bridor x Pierre Hermé Paris collection pays particular attention to the selection and sourcing of natural ingredients. For example, vitamin C, which is needed for the elasticity of dough and is usually used in synthetic form, has been replaced with natural vitamin C that has been extracted from acerola – a fruit native to South America. While the flaky puff pastry, used for the entire collection, is made with Breton butter for a tasty and crispy finish. Each product is enriched in sugar and whole milk, incorporated in powder form, to emphasise the buttery notes, giving a unique lingering taste and meltingly soft texture.

Speaking about the ingredients used, Pierre Hermé, said: “I sought to highlight the lovely taste of Breton butter, the crispiness and the perfect balance of flavours and textures that I like in Viennese pastries. For the almond paste for the filled croissants, I selected our usual supplier to make an exclusive recipe with Californian almonds. Made in Lübeck, a German city famous for its almond paste, the soft texture and flavour makes the croissants incomparably indulgent and meltingly soft.” 

In the Almond & Pistachio Stuffed Croissant, the natural bitterness of the almond paste enhances the flavour of the pistachio, magnifying the delicate and subtle taste of the nut. For a more pronounced taste and contrasting textures, roasted pistachios add a crunchy top layer to balance the smooth filling.

The Almond and Lemon Croissant uses Sicilian lemon juice, selected for its unique flavour and acidity to reinforce the citrus flavor. A millet topping brings an additional crunchy texture to this croissant.

The collection’s Pain au Chocolat has a perfectly crispy, buttery and sweet flavour complete with a chocolate filling that is made from Madagascan pure origin chocolate. Never used before for this kind of product, it was selected for its strong cocoa taste and tangy notes and was developed exclusively for Pierre Hermé. While the small format Croissant has a perfectly crispy, buttery and sweet flavour.

A new interpretation of the apple turnover, the Ceylon Cinnamon and Apple Triangle is the final pastry in the new range. It uses French apples, including Reinettes, for their flavour, soft and smooth texture and freshness. The addition of Ceylon’s Cinnamon to the crusty crepes brings a fresh delicacy to the pastry, adding a delicate and lightly floral flavour. A few pieces of crêpes dentelles are sprinkled on top for added crispness.  

The collaboration between Bridor and Pierre Hermé began when Pierre Hermé and Bridor founder Louis Le Duff met in early 2019. Both men had a common ambition to develop a collection of Viennese that would combine quality, flavour and crispiness with a desire for excellence, taste and pleasure.

Philippe Morin, CEO of Bridor commented: “We are very proud of this collaboration. The association of our two Maisons unite a historic know-how with that of Pierre Hermé to create exceptional products. This collection brings together the best of both worlds and perfectly embodies our ambition, which is to give access to high-quality products to as many people as possible, in every country and on every table.”

Pierre Hermé added: “I was impressed by Bridor’s manufacturing process, and the rigorous way it selects its raw materials. I particularly liked the precision at every step in the production workshops, as well as the rigorous technicality in the creation of products.”  

Image credit: Bridor
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