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All flour kneads are additives

 The production of flour requires many components, particularly, additives – therefore what are flour additives, what are their functions and why are they so commonly used.   Certain products are added that help boost the productivity of the flour production and bread production process such as the incorporation of leavening agents. However, other ingredients are …

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Ingredients that make the cookies crumble

What are the various popular ingredients used in cookies, how are they made and what are the emerging new ingredients that are showcasing the changing consumer perception of cookies. Whilst biscuit production itself is a very successful market, and incorporates cookies within itself, cookies in their own right are so universally loved and widely consumed …

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Premier Foods announces arrival of Mr Kipling in U.S.

Celebrate snacktime! Mr Kipling, the UK & Australia’s number 1 cake brand*, announces its arrival on U.S. shores. Bringing its delicious array of high quality, beautifully portioned cakes to sit on bakery shelves at 219 Target stores across the nation in April. Each cake slice is full of flavor and packed in individual pods to …

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From the Expert: Syntegon

This exclusive From the Expert feature assesses how Syntegon is developing environmentally friendly packaging solutions for baked goods. Consumers are turning up the pressure on manufacturers to package their products, including baked goods, in an environmentally friendly way. They want to be able to make more sustainable choices without missing out on convenient product options, …

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