Ask the Expert: Syntegon

Jeroen Gode, system Engineer and Bakery Expert at Syntegon, talks to International Confectionery about the company’s packaging capabilities and developments in the industry. 1/ How does Syntegon stay ahead of the curve?  Syntegon has decades of experience in engineering packaging systems. We carefully analyse the requirements of our customers to ensure they get a system tailored to their needs.  Syntegon provides bakery …

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The Technology Excellence Awards will return to PACK EXPO

The Technology Excellence Awards will return to PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2021 (Sept. 27-29, Las Vegas Convention Centre), according to show producer PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies. The awards recognise exhibitors’ innovative technology that has not previously been shown at a PACK EXPO or Healthcare Packaging EXPO.  There was a …

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Cakes: Indulgence over everything

A closer look at the latest developments in automation for cakes and how plant-based ingredients can create the same feeling of indulgence as traditional cake products. Producing perfectly textured, light and tasty cakes is the ultimate goal for any baker, but with well-documented staff shortages in the food supply chain due to a combination of Brexit, the covid-19 pandemic and …

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breaking bread

Breaking Bread With: Katie Cross

Katie Cross, owner of Cake or Death bakery in Devon.   If you could change anything in the industry, what would it be?  We’d be encouraging a more inclusive environment in kitchens and bakeries, so everyone feels comfortable to enter the industry   What three traits define you?  Self-motivated, ethical, hard-working   What’s the coolest (or most important) trend …

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Palm oil: A high quality, sustainable ingredient

This feature divulges into development of sustainable palm oil, the misinformation around its production and how palm oil will be instrumental in providing the future mix of edible fats and oils. Edible oils and fats play an important role in our daily lives. They are essential for our everyday health and wellbeing. At the same time, edible …

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Kwick Lok

Ask The Expert: Kwik Lok

Kwik Lok speaks with International Bakery to highlight its solutions to protect food without the negative impact of using excessive single-use plastic and understanding its community’s needs.  Give me a background on Kwik Lok and its mission statement.  Founded in 1954, Floyd Paxton invented Kwik Lok and it quickly became a preferred method for keeping food safe and …

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Ask the Expert: GEA

Paolo Betto, Sales Area Manager – GEA Bakery, sits down with International Bakery to highlight the benefits and flexibility of hybrid oven baking technology   GEA Bakery introduced the concept of hybrid baking technology in the early 1980s; this turning point came after the practical observation that different heat treatments are required for dough pieces in different parts of their baking process; since then, crackers are baked on hybrid ovens …

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Cover Story: Cargill

Bakery manufacturers must ensure the quality of their ingredients are consistent, here Cargill outlines its regional approach to wheat processing and its sustainability focus to provide new innovations For food and beverage manufacturers, especially in bakery, it is important to understand the quality of ingredients being used in production. This is especially true for vital wheat gluten, where quality …

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Solving processing and quality challenges in dough handling

International Bakery look at the latest developments in dough handling, conditioning and production which enhances flexibility and functionality and improves high-speed commercial processing. One of the goals of the mixing process in breadmaking and bakery is to achieve an optimum and proper balance of dough handling properties. The four major dough handling properties are extensibility, elasticity, resistance to deformation and stickiness. In …

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MFG Tray accommodates all aspects of food handling

MFG Tray accommodates all aspects of food handling

Moulded Fibre Glass Tray Company (MFG Tray) offers an extensive line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation, and merchandising. MFG Tray dough trays and boxes offer optimal dough protection. They readily integrate into small and large production pizza and baking operations for improved product handling and storage. The secure and tight stacking capability protects and extends product life. MFG Tray’s composite construction ensures …

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