Dawn foods introduces non-sticky doughnut glaze

Dawn Foods, a global leader in bakery manufacturing and distribution, announced a breakthrough donut glaze innovation for the baking industry. Dawn Exceptional® Non-Sticky Donut Glaze is a patent-pending solution for donut manufacturers that delivers perfectly glazed donuts, even when packaged. Dawn Exceptional® Non-Sticky Donut Glaze improves the appeal of packaged glazed donuts and extends the shelf life and freshness of the donut. Resulting in additional sales opportunities and significant waste reduction in store.

This revolutionary solution uses a proprietary formulation that prevents the migration of moisture from the donut to the glaze. As a result, the donut glaze remains highly stable and non-sticky for several days. “We are excited to introduce a solution that enables to adapt to the consumer demand for packaged products and sell a packaged glazed donut, that maintains the integrity and freshness of a freshly fried glazed donut,” said Christopher Ries, Category Marketing Manager, Wet Ingredients, for Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP. “Dawn Exceptional® Non-Sticky Donut Glaze prevents the dulling, flaking, and stickiness that we see with glazes historically used on packed glazed donuts, which can result in an undesirable product inside the packaging”.

“For many years, one of the challenges the industry has faced is the level of stickiness and the dissolving of glaze on packed donuts,” said Erwin deWale, Innovation Manager, Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP. “At Dawn, our approach to product innovation is focused on solutions that truly matter to our customers. With the rising demand for individually packaged products, this innovation enables donut manufacturers to meet the needs of consumers while maintaining the appeal and freshness of the product.” Dawn Foods has filed for and is awaiting final approval on a global patent for this industry-leading innovation.


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