Dawn Foods releases CSR Report

Dawn Foods is pleased to announce the release of its inaugural Annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report for its operations in Europe & AMEAP. The report showcases the company’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, reflecting commitments to people, products and customers – known as the Dawn Circle of Excellence.

The report provides stakeholders, including customers, team members, and partners, with a transparent overview of the company’s progress, achievements, and goals in key areas of Corporate Social Responsibility throughout the region.

Key highlights from the report fall under the sections people, products and customers, reflecting a wide approach to protect the environment and make a positive impact.

Under people, Dawn Foods’ report shares the company’s charitable initiatives, comprehensive training & development programs, and meaningful partnerships with local organisations, underscoring its commitment to support the health, safety, well-being of its team members, the baking industry, and the communities in which Dawn operates.

As part of products, it highlights Dawn’s progress to produce responsible products that delight. The company’s Better-for-You Ingredient Solutions contribute to the reduction of sugar, salt, and fat, and deliver on specific lifestyles and diets, like vegan, without compromising on the deliciousness and indulgence of sweet bakery treats.

Additionally, the report details the company’s ambitions and achievements in energy-efficient manufacturing processes, waste reduction strategies, and water conservation efforts, showcasing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Finally, under customers, the company reports on partnerships focused on responsible sourcing, sustainable practices and stewardship of natural resources.

The report outlines the company’s responsible sourcing initiatives and actions to secure key raw materials while minimising environmental impact. Additionally, it highlights that all operations within the Dawn Foods’ Europe & AMEAP region will manage, assess, and report on sustainability performance through its Sedex registrations, ensuring transparency and accountability.

“We are proud to present our first Annual CSR Report, which exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility,” commented Steven Verweij, President of Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP. “Progress and change take time, but every step we take together counts in the journey that lies ahead of us. Looking at the incredible progress we made in 2022, I’m confident that we’ll keep inspiring sustainable bakery success in 2023 and beyond.”

The Dawn Foods Europe & AMEAP Annual CSR Report is now available for download and can be found on the Dawn Foods website here.

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