Délifrance reports on progress in CSR

Délifrance has reported significant progress towards achieving the ambitious goals set out in its CSR strategy, ‘Baking Good BETTER’ following the launch of its first annual CSR report.

This report highlights the projects implemented, the action plans deployed and the results collectively achieved in 2022-23.
Available to download here, Délifrance’s new CSR report reveals it has made significant progress on several of its key commitments:


  • Achieved a 13% intensity reduction in CO₂ emissions for scopes 1 and 2, as part of its 2025 target of 20% and committed to the SBTi with carbon reduction targets for all scopes of emissions for 2030
  • 99% of its packaging is currently recyclable, as it looks ahead to achieving 100% by 2025
  • Maintained a co-product recovery rate of 98%, exceeding its minimum target of 95


  • Achieved a 40% reduction in lost-time accidents since the launch of the CARE programme, in 2016, as it looks to progress every year. Délifrance has set the target of a 25% reduction between 2023 and 2024
  • For the UK and Irish scope: Reached the 2025 target of 80% of employees completing at least one training course per year and making progress towards the 2025 target of 3% of payroll costs currently devoted to training
  • For the UK and Irish scopes: Already reached our 2025 target of 40% of positions on the UK and Ireland board filled by women

Product and know-how

  • Achieved 100% RSPO certified palm oil since 2021, with sights set on moving to 100% RSPO certified and segregated palm oil by the end of 2024. And, an ambitious target moving from 40% Rainforest Alliance- certified cocoa in 2023 to 100% by the end of 2024
  • Its 2027 target of achieving 100% sustainable wheat flour – its main raw material – on all sites is being driven by a number of initiatives such as adding wheat flour from regenerative farming practices
  • 71% of products are currently covered by its additive reduction approach, as it looks to achieving 100% by 2025

First launched in 2022, Baking Good BETTER sets out a framework for Délifrance to reduce its carbon footprint and achieve its aim of contributing to global carbon neutrality by 2050. These commitments, aligned with the ambitions of its parent company – French cooperative group VIVESCIA – are based on three key pillars aimed at making the world a better place:

Planet – to reduce carbon footprint, limit the environmental impact of its 14 production sites, adopt eco-designed packaging, and fight against food waste.

People – to guarantee safety and well-being at work for its 3300 employees, boost employer brand and nurture talent, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Product & Know-how – to ensure sustainable sourcing for its main ingredients, work towards a sustainable wheat flour supply chain, guarantee safe and high-quality products, and comply with ethical principles across the supply chain.

Nathalie Genebes, Global CSR Director at Délifrance said: “It’s essential to have a well-structured and ambitious CSR strategy to meet the challenges of climate change and other pressing societal issues. As a leading manufacturer of baked goods, Délifrance has an important role to play and so, for many years, has been committed to sustainability measures across the business and our supply chain.

“Our CSR strategy Baking Good BETTER, is feeding into product innovations such as our range becoming increasingly plant-based, as well as process innovations and partnerships with NGOs. Not to mention, it also enables us to communicate and offer greater transparency to all our teams, ensuring we meet their expectations when it comes to our own corporate commitments.

“I’m pleased to report that our new CSR report shows we have been able to vastly improve our day-to-day practices throughout our supply chain. Now, as we look ahead, one of our first priorities is to submit our decarbonisation roadmaps to SBTi, which includes focusing on the biggest impact areas of greenhouse gas emissions such as raw materials purchasing, energy and refrigerant gases used in our factories, and freight. Our priorities for 2024 also include our commitment to zero deforestation across our entire value chain, as well as more societal issues such as workplace safety and well-being, and diversity and inclusion, areas where we need to step up our efforts.”

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