FiE review: GoodMills plant-based innovation

At FiE in Frankfurt, visitors were able to discover new possibilities for purely plant-based product concepts both online and on site: GoodMills Innovation’s VITATEX texturates made from wheat, soy and peas can be used to authentically replicate fish and meat products. A web presentation also gave online trade fair visitors an insight into the company’s expertise in sustainable product concepts. On-site visitors, meanwhile, found information and inspiration at the GoodMills Food Truck.

To keep abreast of the rapidly growing market for plant-based meat and fish alternatives, manufacturers must constantly work on their formulations, test new ingredients and optimize manufacturing processes. At FiE, they were able to obtain comprehensive advice on the use of VITATEX texturates, both online or in person.

Jutta Schock, Head of Marketing at the Hamburg-based company, led a well-attended online event on the topic of “Sustainably tasty”, in which she highlighted ways in which food businesses can provide flavoursome products while also protecting the planet. For example, sensory-wise, VITATEX products provide an authentic, fibrous texture and impress nutritionally with their high protein content. Thanks to their good water-binding capacity, the new texturates can also be used to create individual and tailored consistencies. VITATEX products are ideal for use as texture and structure components in convenience and hybrid products. They are also perfect for the frozen food sector.

Reflecting on FiE, Jutta Schock says: “Of course, it was not the event that we were familiar with in previous years. However, we were still able to have good discussions, answer questions and advise many interested participants on technology, nutritional physiology and market opportunities for applications with our ingredients. The presentation “Sustainably tasty” is available on request too.“

The company also showcased Slow Milling ingredients for traditional, clean label baked goods with artisan quality and authentic appeal. Products in the range include SMART high-protein flours and GOOD Fibres 10+1 – both dietary fibres for baked goods that promote intestinal health and strengthen the immune system.

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