FRITSCH donates commission machines

FRITSCH donates commission machines

For many years, there have been many FRITSCH ROLLFIX machines on commission at vocational schools, at various locations of the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk and at many other cooperative partners of the baking industry. In total, FRITSCH machines are on commission at more than 20 establishments in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Poland, and are being used above all for training the next generations of bakers.

FRITSCH management has now decided to donate these sheeting machines to the schools and organisations. “We appreciate the long-standing cooperation with the schools and companies. A solid education in the baking craft and the future of the industry are very important to us. The establishments have been working with FRITSCH machines on commission for many years now. We have therefore decided that these schools and organisations should be allowed to keep their machines,” said Andreas Eyd, Managing Director FRITSCH.

The Justus-von-Liebig-Schule in Mannheim, for example, has been operating aROLLFIX 300WK since 2012. It uses this machine mainly for its masterclass and for the vocational education of bakers and salespeople. But the ROLLFIX is also used in the one-year vocational school course and orientation classes, and provides first points of contact with the bakery trade.

“This sheeting machine is of very high quality and sturdily built, and offers excellent accident protection. I already worked on a ROLLFIX back when learning to be a baker, and I love the foot operation. All FRITSCH machines I have worked with so far have always been absolutely reliable and easy to operate and maintain. I was overjoyed when FRITSCH provided me with a ROLLFIX on loan in response to my request. They even let me choose precisely the model that was most suitable for my teaching purposes,” reported Steffen Götz, Senior Technical Teacher and Deputy Head of the nutrition department at the Justus-von-Liebig-Schule in Mannheim.

The Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk Südwest e.V. in Stuttgart was also pleased to receive two FRITSCH ROLLFIX machines. “One of the machines is in our pastry shop, where it is used for making sweet treats with the apprentices and the master students. The other is in our training bakery, used mainly for working booked doughs or for rolling out shortcrust pastry,” commented Tobias Pfaff, headmaster at the Akademie Deutsches Bäckerhandwerk.

“The machines are incredibly robust and durable. Despite having inexperienced trainees working frequently on the machines, we have not had any damage to them so far. We are very grateful for the long-standing cooperation with FRITSCH. We have been cooperating for more than 20 years now, and are impressed with the high quality of their machines. It delights us that FRITSCH shows such great interest in quality training and highly skilled workers. These are essential for the continued existence of the bakery trade,” Pfaff said.


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