IFF launches latest dough strengthener

IFF recently announced the launch of ENOVERA 2000 range in Europe, the latest addition to its range of solutions for the bakery industry.

As a next-generation enzyme dough strengthener, ENOVERA 2000 range is designed for bakeries interested in gluten replacement, particularly for challenging applications such as whole wheat bread. The enzymatic solution allows operational cost reductions without reducing quality or volume trade-offs.

European bakeries are looking to balance production costs with product quality as they face off ingredient supply issues and recent global economic instability. At the same time, consumer demand for healthier offerings including whole wheat bread is rising. Optimising processes and formulations can help bakers to navigate challenging market conditions to ensure they remain competitive, efficient and appealing to consumers.

IFF’s solution is designed to meet these needs without compromising. Dough strengtheners are used for their dependability during production and for providing good product quality for whole wheat bread.

Using enzyme techology means the range performs equivalently or better than traditional emulsifiers, according to IFF, with a reduced dependence on aids used to compensate for inconsistencies.

“Managing productivity and protecting cost margins is key for bakeries in Europe right now,” said Aurelie Gammelin, Global Product Manager for Bakery IFF. “ENOVERA 2000 range … reduces up to 50 percent of vital gluten and brings functional equivalence to traditional emulsifiers–handling process variances and overdosing, as well as whole wheat applications. Our solution gives bakers the peace of mind they need to achieve their immediate business goals and operational priorities while still creating a great eating experience for consumers.”

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