Ingredients that make the cookies crumble


What are the various popular ingredients used in cookies, how are they made and what are the emerging new ingredients that are showcasing the changing consumer perception of cookies.

Whilst biscuit production itself is a very successful market, and incorporates cookies within itself, cookies in their own right are so universally loved and widely consumed that this singular product alone has developed its only personal market. With that being established, this feature wishes to understand the most popular ingredients being added to cookies, how these particular cookies are made with the soon-to-be mentioned ingredients and why these ingredients are becoming favoured by consumers. 

Chocolate chips 

Chocolate chips are arguably the ingredient that has caused cookies to have their iconic image that has been imprinted onto the mind of any individual that envisages a cookie. Chocolate chips are simply small chunks of sweetened chocolate and are made in a slightly different way compared to regular chocolate. A special form of conching and tempering machine converts the chocolate into chocolate chips. On a production line machine, the lower end face of the blanking chamber is provided with 60-150 discharging holes. After this, the pouring process begins and the chocolate slurry is dripped onto the belt through a plurality of dispersed discharge holes, and then cooled and formed. 

Once the chocolate chip is made it is incorporated into the cookie dough and then baked. It is imperative that the chocolate chips are added to a cool dough to ensure that they are not melted before they are sent to the bakery oven. Once in the industrial oven, the chocolate chip are then melted slightly which gives the cookie its unique mixture and flavour. The invention of the cookies was a happy accident as in the 1930’s, Ruth Graves Wakefield ran out of baker’s chocolate and substituted it with pieces of Nestle’s semi-sweet chocolate. Chocolate chips can allow the dough to be soft and doughy or even crunchy, depending on how long the dough is cooked for.  

The reason for their popularity with consumers is not entirely clear. One factor as to why they are such a sought-after ingredient is because chocolate chip cookies invoke memories and nostalgic feelings. There is almost some kind of emotional attachment and can transport a consumer back to “simpler times”. Also, within pop culture, cookies have a connotation to girl scouts, camping and parties- all which correlate to memories of an individual’s younger self, freedom from burdens and more spare time.   

Finally, another key reason as to why chocolate chips are such a popular ingredient is because of the complex texture and flavour palette that chocolate chip cookies create. Cookies themselves are crips due to the air pockets that are within the cookie crumb, this combined with the soft texture of chocolate chip creates a harmonious mouthfeel. This is what has made this baked good so popular because it stands apart from the rest of the products on the market. Overall, chocolate chip cookies will continue to lead the way in sales within the cookie sector. But what other cookie ingredients are highly sought after? 

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