New CSR strategy will focus on climate change

A new Baking Good Better CSR strategy has been released by Délifrance, a subsidiary of France’s largest grain cooperative, in line with VIVESCIA’s new sustainable development policy. Baking Good Better is directly linked to the impacts of Délifrance’s business, values and ambition.

Addressing climate change, the need for biodiversity, global food safety, energy transition and the transformation of agricultural and production models, Baking Good Better is laying out how Délifrance is addressing corporate and social responsibility across its supply chain.

The strategy is based on three pillars: planet, women and men, and product and know-how. Within planet, the aims are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 20% by 2050, making sure 100% of sites comply with the group environmental charter by 2024 and using 100% FSC-certified cardboard; for women and men, this will look to reduce accident frequency rate by half by 2025, provide at least one training action per year and aim for 40% of senior executives to be women by 2050; for product and know-how the sites will have 100% sustainable flour by 2027, defining a responsible purchasing policy and food safety.

The company has already made changes across the business, focusing on improving employee wellbeing and reducing carbon footprint. In 2019, its Go Clean programme was launched to simplify recipes, source more sustainable and work on the nutritional profile of products. Its Sustainable Packaging roadmap was defined in 2020, the same year that food waste actions began.

For Délifrance products made in EU factories, its Go Clean programme has resulted in 100% of eggs being cage-free since 2020, 100% RSPO-certified palm oil being used since 2021 and 100% of cardboard being made from recycled materials.

Baking Good Better’s objectives will build on the success of these steps and the company’s CSR successes to date.

“As a subsidiary of France’s largest grain cooperative, we’re able to ensure that social responsibility is baked into our business and products at every step of the supply chain: from field to fork,” said Niall Cogan, General Manager UK&I at Délifrance. “CSR is hugely important to us a business, and we’re continuing to work with customers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland to reinforce this commitment, creating delicious products that meet the needs of the planet as well as the market.”

“Corporate Social Responsibility is part of our strategic pillars and we want to go further and build a strong CSR culture among our employees. CSR is not new at Délifrance, the teams have been working on many topics linked to CSR for years, but Baking Good Better clarifies our purpose and sets a framework to achieve our ambition and be bolder on our future objectives,” added Robert O’Boyle.

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