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The Too Good To Go app today announces its partnership with several of the largest instant-delivery grocers in the U.S., including JOKR, Gorillas, REEF Technology’s Lightspeed Market and Food Rocket.

The Too Good To Go app, available for iOS in the Apple store or Google Play for Android, connects consumers with surplus from grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries and cafes at the end of each business day to ensure delicious, unsold food doesn’t go to waste. Over 7,000 food businesses across 12 major U.S. cities are already utilizing the platform.

As COVID-19 continues to influence consumer grocery shopping behaviors, the notable shift from in-store to online purchasing has driven a boom of instant-delivery services. With estimates that online grocery will exceed 21% of total grocery sales by 2025 (Incisiv) – an 8% jump compared to projections for growth pre-pandemic – opportunities in the ecommerce category are just getting started.

This recent on-demand grocery surge provides great convenience and safety to shoppers, and operators are striving to keep performance smooth while prioritizing sustainability. By partnering with Too Good To Go both in-store and online, grocers have been able to reduce the 30% of food thrown away in U.S. grocery stores every year (RTS).

“Our partnership with Too Good to Go has been immensely beneficial to the communities we operate in and further extends our commitment to put sustainability at the forefront of our business,” said Tyler Trerotola, U.S. Co-Founder at JOKR. “With food waste in the U.S. estimated between 30-40% of the total food supply, we have an opportunity to drive industry sustainability and to help turn Too Good to Go’s dream of a planet with no food waste into a reality.”

App users lucky enough to reserve a Surprise Bag direct from instant-delivery grocers – the contents of which will vary day to day – can expect to pick up a delicious mix of surplus baked goods, meat and dairy products, fresh produce, and packaged and prepared foods, all for ⅓ of the retail price.

“Our partnerships with JOKR and other instant-delivery grocers have allowed us to challenge the industry standard of discarding large amounts of perfectly good surplus at the end of each business day,” said Tyler Simmons, U.S. Head of Key Accounts at Too Good To Go. “By placing an emphasis on sustainable operations, these organizations are collectively paving the way toward a greener, healthier future and saving surplus at significant retail levels.”

Available in 17 international markets including ParisLondonCopenhagenMadrid and Amsterdam, Too Good To Go has quickly become the go-to for conscious consumers and businesses around the world, resulting in more than 50 million app downloads and over 110 million meals saved to date. Additionally, the app has built strong momentum in 12 major U.S. cities, with 1.5 million Americans already having saved over 1.3 million meals in a little over one year.

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