Paymentsense reveals who has spent the most money at local bakeries

New data from Paymentsense has revealed who has spent the most money at their local bakeries over the past year. With most hospitality sectors shut and the increase of people wanting to buy from small businesses, the company wanted to find out who was paying the most to their local bakeries from March 2020 to March 2021 – a year full of nationwide lockdowns.

Which cities have increased their yearly spending in their local bakery this year?

Rank Location Average customer spend 2019-2020 Average customer spend 2020-2021 % Increase 
1 Durham £3.98 £4.57 +22%
2 Hull £4.86 £5.09 +20%
3 Harrogate £4.65 £5.11 +20%
4 York £5.42 £5.63 +18%
5 Luton £5.59 £5.84 +17%
6 Truro £5.43 £6.17 +16%
7 Bromley £6.18 £6.81 +15%
8 Croydon £5.68 £6.82 +15%
9 Colchester £5.93 £6.87 +15%
10 Southend-On-Sea £6.21 £7.12 +14%

It was found that Durham had seen the largest increase when it comes to purchasing locally from March 2020-March 2021. With an average of £3.98 spent between 2019-2020, Durham spent an extra 20% over the past year.

Hull and Harrogate also placed in the top 3. Hull customers spent £4.86 at their local bakeries between 2019-2020. This was increased to £5.09 per transaction, a 20% increase during the pandemic. Harrogate had the same increase percentage in average spend, going from £4.65 to £5.11

York and Luton also came high on the list. York has seen an 18% increase in bakery spending, with 2019-2020 seeing the public spend £5.42 on average. This then grew to £5.63 from 2020-2021. Luton started from £5.59, but over this past year are now spending £5.84 per transaction.

Even though these increases aren’t huge, it’s evident that over the past year we have decided to shop locally instead of purchasing from large chain supermarkets. Whilst being in a national lockdown, various food trends such as making banana and sourdough bread sent the nation into a frenzy – could this be a trend that is here to stay for the foreseeable?

Jon Knott, Head of Customer Insights at Paymentsense, said: “With hospitality sectors shut and an opportunity to support small businesses, the past year has been a great chance for independent retailers to offer goods that some places could not.

Whether it’s local grocers, butchers or fishmongers, some Brits are opting to spend more on their food, but in local independent businesses. Some people might stick to their local supermarkets for regular food shops, but for special occasions or treats, more people are opting to make their own home foods.”

More info here: Paymentsense UK – Merchant Services & Card Payment Solutions

Image credit: Paymentsense
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