Prinova Europe agrees partnership with Hofseth BioCare

Prinova Europe has agreed an exclusive deal to distribute Hofseth BioCare’s marine nutrition products in the EU. Based in Norway, Hofseth BioCare (HBC) offers a wide range of protein, calcium and oil products from Norwegian salmon.

HBC uses proprietary hydrolysis technology to extract nutrients from the fish sustainably, turning offcuts into high-value nutrition products with minimal waste.

Products in HBC’s range include:

  • ProGo Salmon Protein Hydrolysate: A soluble protein powder for sports, endurance and recovery nutrition. Containing more than 97% pure hydrolysed protein, ProGo is clinically proven to reduce BMI and body fat. Ideal for powder formulations, bars, drinks and tablets, it has also been shown to address iron deficiency anaemia.
  • CollaGo Collagen Peptides: A soluble Type I & III Collagen Peptide powder optimised for beauty (hair, skin and nails). Also offering benefits for muscular and vascular health and energy, it can be used in formats including powders, bars, tablets and beverages.
  • CalGo Marine Bone powder: A collagen calcium powder containing 24 % Type II Collagen, 19 % elemental Calcium and 9 % elemental Phosphorous. Designed to support cartilage function and heart health, it can be used in tablets, powders and other formats
  • OmeGo Salmon Oil: A full spectrum of omega fatty acids, including Omega 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 11, EPA, DHA and DPA. Offering benefits for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol and cardiovascular function, it can be used in soft gel caps and other formats.

Tony Gay, Head of Technical Sales & NPD at Prinova Europe, said: “We’re very excited to have the opportunity to represent Hofseth BioCare in the European market. They’re a pioneer in the marine ingredients market, combining high quality with a commitment to innovation, sustainability and traceability. At a time of increasing interest in ethically produced marine ingredients, their range is perfectly in line with consumer trends.”

In HBC’s proprietary process, enzymes hydrolyse protein from the fish into peptides, leaving the oil and bones untouched. The peptides are then separated off into unprocessed natural fish oil (OmeGo) and natural marine collagen and calcium (CalGo).

Roger Hofseth, CEO of Hofseth BioCare, said: “Our unique technology makes it possible for us to create products using the whole fish, with zero waste. All our processes are focused on sustainability. We also offer total traceability – we can track our production process all the way from fish eggs to final products. There are many applications for our products in nutrition markets, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Prinova.”

Hofseth BioCare’s commitment to sustainability and zero waste has been recognised with Friend of the Sea Certification. Its entire product range is also non-GMO and free from antibiotics, solvents and chemicals.

Prinova Europe is already working on concepts to showcase the benefits of HBC’s products for beauty from within, exercise recovery and energy, cardiovascular support and bone health.

HBC also offers easily absorbed bioactive peptides derived from proprietary enzymatic technology. It is developing these into healthcare products for the treatment of iron-deficiency anaemia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and sarcopenia.

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