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With sustainability becoming a global trend, AMF Den Boer respond to this by showcasing their innovations around ovens.

Sustainable baking has never been more important. It’s time for change.           

The bakery world is facing quite some challenges these days, and the huge increase of natural gas prices is a noticeably big one for many bakers. The oven is a big consumer of natural gas and is critical in the bakery process. 

How do you reduce gas consumption, and have less CO2 emissions at the same time, the answer is to become a sustainable bakery 

The retrofitting of current AMF Den Boer tunnel ovens to an electric oven, hybrid oven or hydrogen oven by experienced engineering teams, is done within days. We also see high demand in future proof and 100% newly built electric powered ovens, but we are also capable, as mentioned, of retrofitting burners / heating elements and burner towers for gas ovens to a (fully) electric tunnel oven. 

Electrical baking in industrial bakeries and food production sites has taken off immediately, since the world wants to be less dependent on natural gas and availability of it. Electrical production ovens by AMF Den Boer have proven to be very reliable solutions for baking soft bread, artisan bread, pizza, flatbread, pastry and croissants, rusk and cake products. Impingement or Direct fired ovens, can be replaced by Electrical equivalents, engineered to the process and size of the bakery as it is. Either baked on a mesh belt or a steel belt, this electrical tunnel oven has fewer moving parts than other continuous ovens for production. 

The Multibake E, electric Tunnel Oven by AMF Den Boer is an electrical heated oven. The required heat is created directly in the baking tunnel by means of electrical elements. There are several elements in each module. A few elements are directly above, and several elements are underneath the products to be baked. 

The exact number of elements will be determined during engineering to customer situations. The construction of the baking tunnel, divided into modules, guarantees an even heat transfer to the product. 

The AMF Den Boer Multibake concept is modular pre-build and turnkey, and can be set up as hybrid, in combining gas and electric, to lower gas usage immediately. So, less gas use, and electric heating will be a future solution for many bakeries. 

Another sustainable production tunnel oven is the world’s first hydrogen fuelled oven, the Multibake VITA.  Net zero baking, without CO2 emissions, because green hydrogen is created without CO2 emission and burns without CO2 emission! Only steam and water are a by-product of burning hydrogen (h2). This will even contribute to better baking results for bakeries and food production. 

Bakeries have invested in AMF Den Boer tunnel ovens and continuous ovens for many years. In return, bakeries receive stable, reliable and solid productivity without too much hassle. Sustainable baking, supported by local service, maintenance, parts and remote oven services are value added services, to create a flawless process. 

AMF Den Boer has over 100 years’ experience in building tunnel ovens and we have installations all around the world, with many references to our quality and solid solutions. 

  • Is the gas consumption in your bakery too high and costing a fortune these days?
  • Do you wish to save up to 30% on gas use per year or more?
  • And you need to be more independent from natural gas?

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