Product Spotlight: Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods discusses their new reduced sugar solutions.

Sweet bakery remains an indulgent category, but today’s consumers are becoming more conscious of what they eat.

Our research shows that consumers are looking for indulgent bakery products without feeling the associated guilt, resulting in a growing demand for better-for-you sweet bakery offerings.  

Our sugar reduced solutions enable you to offer healthier sweet bakery options without sacrificing on taste and indulgence. They span several key ingredients categories, ensuring you can make your total creation with less sugar or less calories than your standard variety. Helping you to find the right balance between good health, natural ingredients, indulgence, sustainability and authenticity.  

Sugar and Fat Reduced Cake Mixes 

Our Dawn Balance® Sugar and Fat Reduced Cake Mixes are versatile and easy to use. Delivering a wide range of applications with up to 30% less sugar and fat than normal and available in both plain and chocolate flavours.  

Sugar Reduced fruit-based solutions 

Next to our mixes we have solutions for reducing sugar in fruit-based products. From adding more fruits to replacing refined sugars with natural sweeteners, whatever claim you are looking to make, we can tailor the solution to make it fit your need.  

Sugar Reduced Fonds  

Our Fonds are naturally flavoured cream stabilising powders for fresh or non-dairy creams. Meaning you can stabilise, gelatinise, flavour and sweeten cream for nearly any recipe. In addition to our standard range of Fonds we have Sugar Reduced alternatives in neutral, strawberry and chocolate flavours. Compared to our standard Fond the sugar content can be reduced to up to 70% and we add natural flavours and vanilla to push the sweetness. 

Sugar plays an important functional role in the baking process, besides delivering a sweet taste. Replacing sugar therefore very much depends on what you need and what claim you want to make on your sweet bakery offer: there is not one solution that fits all, but we can help you finding the right one for your needs! 

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