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Puratos announced the appointment of Pierre Tossut as CEO and Cédric van Belle as Chairman of the Board, both effective January 1st, 2022. They look forward to further enhancing Puratos’ global impact and to achieving the company’s five billion euro turnover target by 2030. Their appointments underscore the company’s legacy, historical continuity and ambitious plans as a family company.

The upcoming CEO Pierre Tossut has successfully led teams throughout his 26-year career at Puratos. He was directly responsible for Puratos’ R&D, marketing, product management and sales divisions and structured the group’s health and well-being approach, a cornerstone of the company since its conception. Prior to this, he led the expansion of the group’s worldwide R&D footprint, heading an international team of 475 people driving research across the globe.

Pierre Tossut will succeed Daniel Malcorps, who successfully led the company for 20 years. Commenting on the announcement, Malcorps said: “Pierre’s experience in driving innovation makes him the ideal CEO to navigate the company through a new era of innovation, wellbeing, sustainability and company-wide growth. He is a proven business leader, with R&D and innovation in his DNA. He has a great capacity to understand our customers’ needs and an incredible sense for building lasting partnerships all over the world.”

Pierre Tossut, the future CEO, said: “The people we work with and Puratos’ singular focus on our client have always been key to our success and we will ensure that these remain at the centre of operations. At Puratos we believe that food has extraordinary power to feed, nourish, celebrate, comfort and unite people of all backgrounds. Food innovation is energy for good, and this is why we constantly strive to extend our positive impact with the creation of pioneering and innovative food solutions that promote health and well-being, and steadily move businesses, customers, people and the planet forward. We have ambitious plans to achieve much more in the coming years, with the clear goal of reaching a five billion euro turnover by 2030.”

Cédric Van Belle will be the new Chairman of the Board. He was first appointed to the Board of the Puratos Group in 2016, as part of the third generation of shareholders. He has been managing the family-owned worldwide network of chocolate museums, Choco-Story, since 2003. He is an active member of several committees within the Group and is Chairman of the Next Generation Cacao Foundation, a Puratos charity initiative with a mission to contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of cocoa farmers and communities.

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