Puratos sheds light on Irish consumer

Puratos Ireland’s Taste Tomorrow event unveiled industry trends and consumer preferences, which took place on 8 February, 2024.

The company’s Taste Tomorrow research program utilises a range of data sources, including surveys of over 20,000 consumers across 50 countries and interviews with industry experts, to uncover and track shifts in consumer demands and preferences.

The program is also supported by deeper insights enabled by its digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), so Puratos can more accurately predict the future trajectory of these trends.

Ireland’s inaugural Taste Tomorrow event was dedicated to the future of food as it welcomed guests from the bakery, sweet bakery and patisserie industries, providing insightful presentations, end product samples and an opportunity to discuss health, innovation and sustainability.

A major data point to have come from the Irish market is the understanding and prioritisation of gut health; 78% have an interest in food products that improve gut health, not just fibres. 72% agree that biotics are trusted ingredients to improve digestion.

Puratos has said it predicts a continued rise in the Irish market seeking out food products with specific health benefits, which is where front-of-pack claims will be critical for making a product stand out.

60% of Irish consumers, meanwhile, perceive sourdough bread to be more healthy than other breads – although this is not necessarily founded, consumer perception plays a key role in buying behaviour.

There is also a rise in the use of sourdough and fermented ingredients beyond bread and into sweet patisserie such as in croissants, cookies and doughnuts.

Other noticeable trends include consumer perception of food made with local ingredients to have a positive impact on the environment and be healthier; Irish consumers are prioritising products that ensure a fair living income is paid towards producers and farmers; and consumers are also seeking out new flavours and textures, but inspired by the classics.

69% of consumers like to have a familiar element when trying out new types of food, such as the New York Roll, inspired by the croissant, featuring exotic and sour flavours such as passionfruit and lemon.

Offering limited time offers on seasonal flavours and promotional items prove interesting, providing consumers with new products often.

A highlight of the Taste Tomorrow event was the lineup of guest speakers who shared their expertise on gut health and sustainable innovation.

Irina Baych, Global Product Manager for Health & Wellbeing at Puratos shed light on the relationship between food and the gut microbiome. Jo Libens, Director of Fruit at Puratos discussed rethinking the food system with more sustainable innovation, using the example of the company’s own fruit filling range offering more healthy and sustainable solutions.

The event was wrapped up with a marketplace where attendees could experience a range of innovative creations across bakery, patisserie and chocolate.

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