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RBS sustainable oven

Sustainability is a big initiative at Reading Bakery Systems, and those efforts are specifically around the ovens that the company make. They are becoming a leader in sustainable baking solutions.

RBS offers sustainable ovens that reduce energy, eliminate greenhouse gases and are easy to operate. They are continuing to focus on improving their oven designs in each of these categories as they move forward. A key goal of theirs is to reduce harmful emissions and conserve energy. With equipment running for many years, it’s important for them to provide solutions today that will meet the guidelines of the future.

Reading Bakery Systems use a hydrogen blend and electric power as an alternative fuel solution, and have tested and implemented that solution to see results. While hydrogen is a clean energy as an end user solution, electric oven power is likely to be the best long-term solution.

Beyond the energy source of the ovens, their newest oven designs reduce costs, conserve energy, and minimise emissions. Better oven insulation minimizes the conductive heat paths from the interior of the oven to the exterior. Lighter weight oven belting also helps conserve energy. They also offer items like heat reclaim systems that can assist by re-heating the oven make-up air.

“RBS offers sustainable ovens that reduce energy, eliminate greenhouse gases and are easy to operate. We will continue to focus on improving our oven designs in each of these categories as we move forward.”


Electric Convection Ovens

For full electric baking, RBS offers an electric version penthouse for convection style ovens. They have been integrating electric heating into their processes for the last 20 years. On existing RBS convection style ovens, there is an opportunity to exchange the existing penthouse with the electric penthouse. This would only involve a new penthouse and the electrical control panel. Customers may visit the RBS Science & Innovation Centre to test their electric oven for themselves.

In addition, they also offer electric radiant elements to be added into any style of their ovens. The radiant elements are used mostly in the application of applying toast points or coloration to the product prior to exiting of the oven.


Electric Cracker Ovens / DGF Replacement Ovens

They have been working on the development of an electric cracker oven to replace DGF ovens. This involves modifying their Emithermic Oven Zone, which will enable this zone to impart the higher heat required by crackers without a lot of air currents which would dry the product before allowing flavor and texture development.


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