Rebranding and recipe change of bakery products

Romanian-based company Grup Șerban Holding has announced the relaunch of four ranges of bakery products under its Granero brand, by changing recipes and rebranding.

“The relaunch of these ranges of bakery products represents a new component of the integrated activity system that is the basis of Grup Șerban. It includes the agricultural segment, which supplies raw material used by other verticals within the group, namely bakery, pastry and confectionery,” explained Irina Șerban, Deputy CEO of Grup Șerban Holding. “The success of the assortments already on the market, such as Prokorn or Pâinea Răzeșilor, led us to diversify our portfolio of bakery products, which now includes well-segmented product categories, covering a wide variety of customer tastes and needs. Grup Șerban will continue investments for each company within the group, so that we diversify the product portfolio.”

The Pro range currently contains Prokorn, Proseeds and Prospelta assortments which contains seeds and grains. The Răzeși range consists of Răzeși with corn, Răzeși with potato flakes and Răzeși with bran and rye, containing yeast. The company’s Special range consists of two varieties: Special with reduced carbohydrate content and Special with reduced salt content. Its Super range includes products made from 40% wheat and yeast, Super with white flour, Super with black flour and Super with graham flour.

In order to change the recipe and rebrand, technologists worked together to develop new recipes with bakery specialists from the Netherlands and Sweden. All the products mentioned will be available in the majority of supermarkets in Romania where the company sells its products under the Granero brand.

Following on from the investment in diversifying the company product portfolio, the production capacity for the entire business line dedicated to bakery, pastry and confectionery is now 20 tonnes per day.

The company currently owns a bakery, confectionery laboratory and five stores under the Băcănia Şerban, having recorded a turnover of 20.7 million leu ($4.2 million) in the first six months, a 16% increase compared with 2021. This increase can be attributed by the 24% increase in production, update of prices in contracts and an 8% increase of revenue from the sale of products.

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