RONDO holds successful World Conference

The Swiss bakery machinery manufacturer RONDO welcomed more than 80 sales partners from around 50 countries to the “RONDO World Conference” in January. The highlight of the four-day event was the world premiere of the Compas 4.0, the world’s first electronic sheeter with four individual drives for maximum efficiency in sheeting and booking.

In January RONDO invited its sales partners from all over the world to the “RONDO World Conference” at its headquarters in Burgdorf, Switzerland. RONDO has been the global innovation leader in the field of sheeters for decades, and with the new Compas 4.0 the Swiss have once again developed ground-breaking technologies. It was presented to an audience for the first time at the World Conference – with great success: “We are delighted with how positively our partners have accepted the new development,” said Bernhard Merki, member of the RONDO Board of Directors.

Four individual drives open up completely new possibilities

The completely new Compas 4.0 drive concept, for which a patent has been applied for, has been particularly well received by the sales partners. In contrast to all other electronic sheeters available on the market, which have only one central drive and one gearbox, the Compas 4.0 is equipped with four individual drives for conveyor belts and rollers. The decisive advantages: 1) The Compas 4.0 sheets out every dough without stress – the essential factor for uniform dough bands and finally for baked goods of always the same weight and size. 2) Thanks to the separately adjustable infeed, outfeed and roller speed, the sheeting process can be optimally adapted to any type of dough. This means that the Compas 4.0 can automatically sheet even very delicate doughs that could previously only be processed by hand.

Proven increase in efficiency

The Compas 4.0 easily handles dough blocks weighing up to 20 kg. In addition, thanks to its four individual drives, it sheets much faster and at the same time more gently than conventional sheeters, which considerably reduces operating costs. All in all, there are verifiable efficiency increases in the double-digit percentage range compared to currently available sheeters.

Intuitive like a smartphone

The Compas 4.0 is equipped with a completely new i-Touch control and can be operated as intuitively and quickly as everyone is used to from their smartphone. Even untrained operators can easily get to work with Compas 4.0 right from the start thanks to this new control. Intelligent assistance systems and a “Program Wizard” not only make working with the Compas 4.0 particularly easy, they also prevent operating errors.

Fit for the future

For bakeries, minimum downtime and a long service life of their machines are essential. The Compas 4.0 is not only reliable and durable, it can also be equipped with newly developed functionalities in the future. Thus, it will always remain at the cutting edge of technology and will also be “best in class” in the years to come. The safety and hygiene features of the Compas 4.0 have been tested and certified by independent bodies. This is also unique on the market.

Further innovations for the automatic production of baked goods

After the presentation of the Compas 4.0, the participants of the World Conference were able to experience further innovations for the production of pastries, donuts, rolls and many other baked goods in RONDO’s 3000 m2 demonstration bakery, including the Rondostar 5000 electronic sheeting machine, which has the identical i-Touch operation as the Compas 4.0 and combines high performance with robustness. Its predecessor model, the Rondostar 4000, has long since passed the mechanical test with flying colours, with several thousand units sold.

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