Several health benefits of macadamia

Macadamia Milk Market elaborated in the report include Marquis Macadamias, Golden Macadamias, Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corp, Buderim Group, Kenya Nut Company, Nambucca Macnuts, Ivory Macadamias, Eastern Produce, Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company

NEWARK, DelMay 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — According to a recent report by Future Market Insights, a market research and competitive intelligence provider, sales of macadamia milk are estimated to reach a value of USD 51.3 Mn by 2032, surging at 5.4% CAGR through the decade.

The growing public awareness of the health benefits of nuts and dried fruits have been a driving factor in market growth. Global demand for healthy and nutritious snacks has increased significantly in recent years, particularly among the younger generation and the working-class population.

People are also shifting away from animal-based protein sources and toward plant-based protein sources.

Macadamia nuts are the fruit of the macadamia tree, which belongs to the Proteaceae family’s genus macadamia. Only three species are commercially important, Macadamia ternifolia, Macadamia integrifolia, and Macadamia tetraphylla. Although macadamia nuts are Australia’s native nuts, they are now grown all over the world.

Fresh kernels of macadamia can be consumed, prepared with, or processed into a wide range of products. Salted, Roasted, honey-roasted, chocolate coated, and wasabi-flavoured are all popular flavours.

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