Sveba Dahlen to showcase new oven at iba

Being shown for the first time at the highly anticipated iba, running 22-26 October this year in Munich, Germany, machinery manufacturer Sveba Dahlen will be introducing its new, stone tunnel oven Artista Deli.

Features of the oven include its modularity, ability to increase volumes as a business grows but also, importantly, a focus on the craftsmanship the company said.

The Artista Deli has been developed for restaurants and bakeries after luxury, handcrafted goods but keeping in mind a capability to increase the volumes of products. It has also been designed to minimise the handling process in the restaurant or bakery, saving labour and associated costs.

It is a small, high temperature electric stone tunnel oven with a baking temperature of 450 degrees celsius. Being able to reach these temperatures means it can bake a range of products including bread and pizza, all with an emphasis on precision and consistent baking results. Products that are suitable for the oven, said Sveba Dahlen, include pizza, pizza bottoms and loaves of bread baked with or without a tin including foccacia, flatbread, pitta bread, naan bread and more.

The design is modelled after offering three ovens in one, as the included stone hearth belt can be replaced with a perforated or solid steel belt. The stone hearth belt is used for producing pizza, flatbread, pitta bread and so on, while the steel belt is used for sweeter doughs and low-rise products such as cookies, and, finally, the perforated steel belt is applied for free-form, high-rise loaves.

Using a modular design and choice of belts, the versatility of the oven helps to reduce future investment and make a larger variety of products using the one oven.

There is also the option to add a conveyor at the infeed and outfeed to improve process flow in production. The oven can be integrated with other machines in a product line such as a tin set conveyor or a packaging station.

According to Sveba Dahlen, the Artista Deli is energy efficient as it only uses the energy required during the baking time. This rationalises the flow in a bakery by minimising processing and increasing production volumes compared with a traditional deck oven. Using this process is designed to replace baking in traditional pizza and bakery ovens, requiring less labour.

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