The technologies that support National Cookie Day

In celebration of National Cookie Day, which takes place annually on 4 December, SPX Flow has highlighted the range of technologies that support cookie production.

From food and beverage technologies to industrial mixers, each has its role to play in meeting demand for holiday cookie doughs, treats, and biscuits. These technologies work behind the scenes, helping industrial cookie manufacturers to supply consumers with a love of cookies during the holiday season and all year long.

National Cookie Day, which takes place every year on 4 December, which pays tribute to a beloved baked good. Baking cookies, experimenting with new recipes or sharing with friends and family are all ways consumers commemorate this day. For cookie manufacturers, it’s an opportunity to highlight the fundamental role they play in ensuring these cookies can be eaten and enjoyed.

“We take pride in providing the technologies that empower producers to elevate their creations, ensuring each cookie is a delicious experience for consumers in communities everywhere,” said Simon Phillips, SPX FLOW President of Nutrition and Health Solutions. “Our product lineup takes centre stage in cookie production by keeping operational sites running smoothly and at a quality level that limits machine error and downtime.”

Examples of these solutions include industrial pumps, which incorporate key cookie ingredients like eggs, glycerol and grapeseed oil into flexible cookie doughs and help with the precise dosing of lecithin, a preservative.

Heat exchangers create shortening and cookie fillings where food pumps specialise in handling high viscosities, carrying a range from egg liquids to fats and oils in the mass batter. Valve varieties play a crucial role in supporting the creation of caramel and fondant coatings for cookies and biscuits.

Other examples include the company’s Mixing Solutions division, offering solutions that handle everything from paper processing for festive packaging and ink to impeller designs that fold iced chocolate toppings and blend milk.

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