Voortman launches sugar-reduced cookies

Voortman Bakery recently launched a new line of reduced-sugar cookies suited for consumers living a sugar-conscious lifestyle. Voortman Perfectly Sweet cookies contain 25% less sugar than the leading cookie which contains 12g of sugar per 30g serving.

There are seven varieties to fulfill every craving, including the new soft-baked formula varieties chocolate chip, oatmeal dark chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisin. Other flavours include shortbread, coconut, almond crunch and windmills. All cookies are baked with real ingredients, including dark chocolate, raisins, almonds or shredded coconut, creating an array of tasty, reduced sugar treats to satisfy any sweet tooth.

The Voortman brand conducted consumer research that showed 68% of US adults consider themselves to be “sugar-conscious.” And of those sugar-conscious consumers, 84% would purchase a cookie that “has the same great taste you want but with less sugar than regular cookies.”

“We set out to create reduced-sugar cookie recipes that don’t compromise on taste, which led us to the perfectly sweet spot: 25% less sugar than the leading cookie,” said Chris Balach, Vice President, Marketing, Sweet Baked Snacks at The J.M. Smucker Co. “Voortman Perfectly Sweet cookies truly deliver on the mouthwateringly great taste consumers demand from their cookies. Life is too short for cookies that don’t taste like cookies, so we are excited to bring sugar-conscious snackers just the right amount of indulgence for their balanced lifestyles.”

The reduced sugar cookies are made without high-fructose corn syrup or artificial colours and flavours. Voortman Perfectly Sweet cookies are available in a resealable package at grocery retailers across the US, including Kroger, Food Lion and Giant.

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