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AMF Bakery presents their company profile which details the company’s vital contribution to the bakery sector  

AMF Bakery Systems wishes to contribute to Better Food for Better lives and this is part of our DNA all over the world and part of our daily activities with all teammates. With sustainability and a global footprint as key strategic drivers, we aim to innovate and improve the bakery sector with our offering.  

The AMF Bakery Systems portfolio is wide; from mixing to marketplace, AMF offers the market complete solutions and lines, but also single unit equipment. With global coverage and sales, service and manufacturing facilities, AMF is a true global player, with local presence. 

Through innovative, precision engineering informed by the master bakers’ expertise, AMF designs integrated solutions for: 

  • soft bread and buns
  • artisan bread and rolls
  • pizza and flatbreads
  • cakes and pies
  • pastries and croissants

At AMF, we don’t just speak about innovation, we engineer it. Engineered with sanitation in mind, our custom equipment solutions include, dough handling, mixing, dividing, rounding, moulding, sheeting, laminating, make-up, depositing, decorating, handling, proofing, baking, cooling, freezing, conveying, packaging, and post-packaging.  

All these different technologies and bakery specialties are part of our family of brands, which all stand for a specific part of the bakery and food production process, like Den Boer is for baking, proofing and handling systems. 

Baked goods are a part of your customers’ lives, and they’re the centre of ours. At AMF, we’re in every bake and every bite—supporting bakeries around the world with best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions to optimise operations, improve product quality and empower bakery teams. 

Whether for the retail baker opening their first business, the industrial baker scaling up operations, or the leading international baker seeking process improvement and greater product variety, AMF measures our success by the success of those we serve.  

For a single unit automating the depositing of batter or cookies for a growing bakery, to full scale bun factories doing a 100,000 buns per hour, AMF is the partner for every baker and food producer. Our people offer great process knowledge and have worked in the industry for many years, so they know how to consult you and make sure your products get produced best. 

Innovation and sustainability are strategic drivers for many bakeries, and through digitalization we offer new solutions for challenges. Using AI and machine learning, data becomes more important, and we use this to develop better bakeries and deliver constant quality and control over your processes. Still using the experience and skills of the people but supported by new digital services and tools to make it even better. 

Are your goals related to waste reduction, cleaner energy use (hydrogen, electricity, hybrid), lowering CO2 footprint, delivering the perfect products, quality control and managed bakeries where the lights could even be turned off in the future…  then we suggest you contact AMF and talk about your plans. We Rise Together! 


Phone: (01) 804-342-9700
Email: parts@amfbakery.com 


2115 West Laburnum Avenue
Richmond, VA 23227

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