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British-based company, Synergy Flavours, explains their high-quality flavour and tasting solutions that leads to delicious and uniquely flavoured baked goods 

Synergy Flavours is a global supplier of flavours, extracts and essences for the food, beverage, and nutrition industries. Our flavour creation and application capabilities span the globe with commercial, technical, and manufacturing support facilities in the US, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, and Indonesia. We have the market understanding to work collaboratively with customers worldwide to develop high quality taste solutions which inspire innovation and can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. Investing continuously in our R&D and technical capabilities, our commitment to analytical and sensory innovation ensures we are always on hand to deliver the latest market insights and flavour breakthroughs.  

Inspiring Taste & Innovation. With over 130 years of expertise, we combine a long heritage of flavour development with modern extraction technology, blending art, science, and market insights to create an exceptional array of profiles that inspire taste and drive innovation. We supply sweet and novel dairy flavours, vanilla, coffee, tea and botanical essences and extracts.  Research and collaboration with our parent company, Carbery, an innovator in dairy, enables Synergy to develop high quality solutions striking the perfect balance of taste and performance for the dairy market.  

Healthier Reformulation. With increasing pressure to reduce calories and hit nutrition targets, we refuse to compromise on taste. We know how to deliver delicious rich experiences that have the flavour, mouthfeel and texture consumers expect from baked goods. Whether replicating the buttery notes of butter in pastries, or building back indulgence in calorie reduced baked goods, our solutions will enrich your taste experience.  

A century of vanilla expertise.  We combine 21st century technology with traditional artistry to provide you with the finest vanilla flavouring and extracts made from only the best pods and beans. Our longstanding relationship with farmers in the vanilla growing regions of Madagascar allows us to offer a wide range of customizable vanilla extracts -clean label and derived from natural, organic sources -and natural flavourings based on market profiles and featuring cost-optimised solutions.  

Nature created it. We captured it. Synergy Pure extracts and essences are the perfect solution for manufacturers looking for a natural label claim and an authentic flavour profile. Derived from naturally sourced, plant-based ingredients, our range is distinguished by their freshly picked flavour components. Through a proprietary extraction process, we capture the fresh flavour of rich coffee, classic tea and fruits and preserve the delicate flavour of florals and characteristic notes of herbs and spices.   

Organic suitable flavours.  Synergy has a wide range of organic-suitable flavourings that have been developed with the latest Soil Association guidance in mind. We work closely with industry bodies delivering organic regulations and take a collaborative approach to developing flavours that are optimised for the product and market in line with the latest guidance on the use of flavourings in organic products.  



 Synergy House, Hillbottom Rd, Sands Industrial Estate, High Wycombe HP12 4HJ 

01494 492222 



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