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By understanding exactly what clients want to achieve, Verhoeven is able to provide advanced solutions that allow users to create a wide range of internationally known products 

The Dutch Verhoeven Bakery Equipment Family is a “customer solution provider” with decades of experience in creating bakery product lines. The majority of these product lines are designed and produced completely to the customers’ requirements. It requires a detailed understanding of exactly what a client wants to achieve. This includes the desired end products, capacities, dough and batter preparation, process requirements, process parameters, shapes, fillings, toppings, packaging, and so on. The line is designed together with the customer, obviously tailored to the available space and budgets. All four of the family brands are then involved. BVT for the dough make up, NewCap for all handling and conditioning, Vacuum Cooling and Baking for the cooling process and Bakepack for the end of line solutions.  

Their advanced solutions allow users to create a wide range of internationally known products, including different types of pies, such as Australian pies, fruit pies, meat pies, pasties and quiches. Production lines can also be configured as multi-product lines, to produce high-quality layer cakes, sponge cakes, cupcakes and muffins. A combination of a line that makes large cakes with one that makes smaller products is also possible. Everything is produced on a fully automated line, from dough to crate packaging. On a line from the Verhoeven Family, 2,000 cakes and 2,000 chiffon cakes can be produced in the same form, with the same depanning and packaging methods, which ensures high synergy. 

Vacuum Cooling technology is an integral part of the baking process, combining the baking off phase with cooling, all taking place in a fraction of the normal production time. This technology improves product quality by cooling from the inside out, providing better flavor, texture and a longer-lasting crisp crust. Traditional cooling of, say, a large apple pie takes about 150 minutes to reach 30°C, but Vacuum Cooling achieves this in just 180 seconds. This rapid cooling extends shelf life by minimizing mold. In addition, Vacuum Cooling saves up to 40% of the energy required for oven capacity and takes up only 20% of the space required by traditional spiral coolers. 

Over the years, Verhoeven has engineered, produced, and installed a wide variety of products and lines, capable of producing up to 12,000 cakes per hour or up to 140,000 muffins per hour. The company’s final product is a seamlessly integrated line of individual machines working together as a cohesive entity. The success of such a line depends on well-balanced design and smooth communication between all components. 

Turn-key management is part of Verhoeven’s DNA. Every solution has its advantages and disadvantages, but what matters is what is the best for the product, the space and whether it fits in the budget. When the line is to be manufactured and installed at the customer’s plant, there is one responsible contact person (project manager) for the whole turn-key solution. This person manages all communication with the customer, but also provides utilities and building information to build with the customer. Because of this integrated approach, there are no takeover discussions, and a lot of money and time (and headaches) can be saved. 


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